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  1. Slide #2 Gastroschisis
    • Gastroschisis & Omphalocele are both fetal wall abnormalities
    • Gastroschisis is a small defect involving all 3 layers of the abdominal wall
    • It is a protrusion of intestines into the amniotic cavity
    • Sometimes other organs like the stomach & liver can stick out as well
    • The defect is usually on the right side of the umbilicus¬†
    • Due to intestines not being covered in a protective sac, it is exposed to the amniotic fluid causing bowel to become irritated and become shortened, twisted & swollen
    • Gastroschisis is an isolated finding; therefore, NO associated anomalies are found
    • It affects 1 to 2 in 10,000 children
    • More common in babies who have younger moms
  2. Slide #2 Omphalocele
    • is aka Exomphalos
    • It is where Infants intestines, liver or other organs stick outside of the belly button
    • The organs are covered in a thin, nearly transparent sac
    • It is located at the umbilicus cord insert
    • The sac can rupture during deliver & cause Sepsis so a C-section delivery is recommended
    • Because Omphalocele is a midline defect it is highly associated with other abnormalities such as heart defects, neural tube defects & chromosomal abnormalities
    • Both Gastroschisis and Ompalocele will show¬†
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  4. Treatment
    • Soon after the baby is born, surgery will be needed to place the abdominal organs inside the baby's body & repair the defect
    • Timing of surgery will depend on the baby's condition
    • In about 15% of infants with gastroschisis, the intestines will not fit inside the belly without causing too much pressure inside
    • This pressure could lead to problems with the heart, lungs and blood supply to the intestines
    • If pressure is too high, a pouch called "silo" is sown on the baby's abdominal wall
    • The intestines are placed inside on top of the baby's belly over the course of 5-10 days
    • Once the intestines are back inside the belly, the bag is taken off and the belly is sown closed
    • Baby will receive nutrients through an IV line, antibiotics to prevent infection & careful attention to control the baby's temperature
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