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  1. Italian Campaign
    The campaign to capture German and Italian forces in Italy.
  2. Vandoos
    French-Canadian unit
  3. Operation Overlord
    The code name for the Battle of Normandy; Allied invasion of Western Europe.
  4. Juno Beach
    One of the five beaches along the Normandy coast of France that was invaded by Canadians to push the Nazis back.
  5. V-E Day
    Victory in Europe; the day the Allies announced the surrender of German forces.
  6. Pearl Harbour
    American Naval base that the Japanese attacked.
  7. Prisoner of War (PoW)
    Japanese camps for captured soldiers.
  8. Battle of Midway
    The turning point of the Pacific theatre; Japanese string of victory over when Americans intercepted Japanese fleet.
  9. Island Hopping
    American strategy; selecting key islands.
  10. The Manhattan Project
    US funded an expensive and secretive project to see if it's possible to create an atomic bomb.
  11. Hiroshima
    A Japanese industrial city of 340,000 people; the place where "Little Boy" was dropped.
  12. Nagasaki
    A Japanese city of 250,000 people; the place "Fat Man" was dropped.
  13. V-J Day
    Victory in Japan; the day Japan surrendered.
  14. Canadian Women's Army Corps(CWAC)
    Women's branches of the army.
  15. RCAF Women's Division
    Women's branches of the army
  16. WRENS
    Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service; branch of the army
  17. War Supply Board
    Created and managed by C.D. Howe to organize Canadian industry toward the singular purpose of supplying the front.
  18. Lend Lease Act
    A program which the US supplied Allied nations with vast amount of war materials.
  19. Hyde Park Declaration
    Issued by Prime Minister King and President Roosevelt; US would buy more raw materials from Canada and supply Canada with American parts for weapons production.
  20. Propaganda
    Info spread for the purpose of promoting a particular cause.
  21. British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
    Facilities in Canada to train pilots and other crew members from Commonwealth countries.
  22. Camp X
    A special spy training facility located outside of Oshawa, Ontario.
  23. National Resource Mobilization Act
    Implemented by King which Required all men to help with the war effort.
  24. Plebiscite
    A vote on a single issue; King held asking Canadians to release him from his promise not to introduce conscription.
  25. Enemy Aliens
    People who are a citizen of the enemy's country.
  26. Internment Camps
    A camp for prisoners of war.
  27. Custodian of Aliens Act
    A law that allowed the possessions of Japanese Canadians to be sold without their permission.
  28. Holocaust
    Used to describe Hitler's massive attempt to exterminate all of the Jewish people in Europe.
  29. St. Louis Incident
    Jewish refugees were fleeing Germany, heading for Cuba, but were refused, so they redirected their route to Halifax. Canada denied their ship's entry and they were sent home.
  30. Ghettos
    Designated areas in a city where Jews were compelled to live.
  31. Final Solution
    A Nazi program that sent all Jews to extermination camps to be killed in gas chambers.
  32. Genocide
    The systematic extermination of a religious or racial group.
  33. Auschwitz
    A Nazi concentration camp for Jews.
  34. Nuremberg Trials
    Many Nazis were in trial for the crimes they committed; military tribunals held by the Allies after WWII.
  35. Tehran
    Conference held in Iran; first time that Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin met.
  36. Yalta
    Conference in the south of the Soviet Union where Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin planned the final decisions regarding the future of Germany
  37. Potsdam
    Conference held near Berlin; supposed to be a planning session for the peace conference, but instead, the former war allies can no longer trust each other. In reality, it was more like setting the stage for the next war (the Cold War).
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