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  1. Chennai 1
    • city grew up around Fort Saint George absorbing surrounding towns&villages
    • 19th century became seat of Madras Presidency
    • after independence became capital of Madras retained traditional Tamil Hindu culture provide unique influence of foreign influence&Hindu culture
    • British's influence evident in cathedrals buildings&wide 3 line avenues
    • The High Court Building: built 1892 was said largest judicial building world aft Courts of London
    • Fort St George: decorative domes&corridors reminiscent of new architecture
  2. Chennai 2
    • The Ice House: store enormous blocks of ice cut from Great Lakes in northern USA&shipped to India for refrigeration purposes
    • Church of St John: wide gothic arches&beauty stain glass window had nave&aisles&tower&spire walls of rubble faced with coarse Kurla Stone buff
    • while piers arches and dressings of Porbunder Stone the roof of teakwood floor of tiles imported from England
    • General Post Office: 1872 vast central hall with very high dome built in local basalt with dressings of yellow stone from Kurla&white stone from Dhrangadra
    • imp tourist attraction marbled topped tables the high vaulted ceilings sweeping staircases showcase wealth&power of Brits.
  3. Kolkata 1
    • capital of BritIndia till 1911 after that NewDelhi
    • supreme court in 1774 it bcam seat of justice Horah Bridge (Hoogly river): Howrah<->Culcutta stands on two 270 feet high pillars construct w/o nuts&bolts
    • imp symb of Kolkata & prob worlds busiest bridg
    • Marble Palace: constrt 1835 Loct North Culcuta serves as art gallry marvlus objcts of arts pics sculps & oilpintg also zoo (anims & brds) with rare collcts of birds.
  4. Kolkata 2
    • Fort William: bank of Hoogly constrt by Robert Clive basic purpas prevent attacks from invaders
    • area clerd around fort has bcam maidan sevral exhibs&fairs till today
    • Victoria Memorial Hall: estb 1921 fab museum taks vistors into world of past histry today one of finest art musm in Kolkata has 184 tall edifice
  5. Kolkata 3
    • Eden Gardens Crickt Club: estb 1864 accm 120000 prsns
    • Writers Buildings: consrt began as early as 1690 dwelling plce of junior writers of East Ind Comp
    • gothic struct came to existnc during Lt. Governor Ashley Eden(1877)
  6. Mumbai 1
    • 2nd half 19th century many civic&public buildgs constrt in Mumbai in Victorian Gothic style
    • exam: Secretariat 1874 Council hall 1876 Elphinstone College 1890
    • Victoria Terminus(CST): most impressv of all massive railway constructon in 1887
    • carved stone friezes & stained glass windows & flying glass.
  7. Mumbai 2
    • Gateway of India: built in yellow stone in Indo-Saracenic style to honour visit of King George V&queen Mary to India
    • completd in 1924@ high cost
    • has 26 mts high archway with 4 turrets & intricate lattice work carved into yellow basalt stone.
  8. Delhi 1
    • belivd atlest 7 old cities cum 2gethr to form Delhi
    • Indraprastha: 1st city estb right bank yamuna by yudhisthr
    • folklore say Delhi founded by Raja Dhilu
    • 2AD Ptolemy markd Delhi in his map as Daidala
    • even older: delhi figures in innumerable Harappa sites
    • evidence: National Museum Delhi.
  9. Delhi 2
    • Qutub Minar: startd by Qutb-ud-din finished by Iltutmish
    • Siri: bcam center of power during Alauddin Khijli Siri Fort still exists & this area today cald Shahpur Jat
    • Tughlaqabad: constrct by Sultan Giyasuddin Tughlag design as fortified town
    • After Giya death Mohmd Bin tughlag enclosed earlier cities of Delhi into single unit "Jahanpanah"
    • Ibn Batuta description: metropolis of India vast& magnificent city uniting beauty wid strength surrounded by wall that has no equal in world is largest city of India.
  10. Delhi 3
    • Firozabad: constrt Firozabad near Firoz shah Kotla by Firoz Shah(Tughlag dyns)
    • enorm popultion & extensv area
    • Timur - king of samarkhand - destroyd its glory including city of Jahanpanah
    • took Indian architect & masons to build mosques in samarkhand
    • succeding rulers shfted capital to Agra.
  11. Delhi 4
    • Dinpanah: Humayan(mughal) built it on mounds of Indraprastha
    • Shah Jahan revived the lost glory of Delhi - Red fort 1648&Jama Masjid&Shahjahanabad Shahjahanabad belivd more beauty BAghdad&Constantinople
    • Over centuries looted by Nadir Shah 1739 & Ahmed Shah Abdali 1748 & continus attack from within.
  12. Delhi major sufis
    • Kutbuddin Bakhtiyar Kaki: whose khanqah or dera was at Mehrauli
    • Nizamuddin Auliya: whose khanqah was at Nizamuddin Sheikh
    • Nasiruddin Mahmud: who is popularly known today as Chiragh-e-Delhi
    • Amir Khusro: who was a great poet magician & scholar.
  13. Delhi British 1
    • occupied in 1803 defeatg Maratha
    • important centre with many structures - area around Kashmere Gate & Civil Lines
    • 1911 Britsh shftd capital & made new city NDelhi
    • large structures of India Gate&Viceroy house(Rashtrapati Bhavan)&Parliament house&North&South Block made to impress Indian subjects
    • made to show supremacy majestic power & regality of Brits
  14. Delhi British 2
    • new city compltd by 1932
    • Connaught Palace still imp commercl centr remains
    • imp commrcl politicl & cultural centr
    • Massive buildings beautiful parks flyovers the Metro a beautiful airport educational centres museums big wholesale markets Embassies and High Commissions all countries of world large malls major industries etc. all making beautiful city
  15. S. No. Name of the City Name of king who built it
    • 1. Indraprastha Yudhishthira
    • 2. Lal Kot Anang Pal Tomar
    • 4. Mehrauli Prithvi Raj Chauhan
    • 5. Siri Alauddin Khilji
    • 6. Jahanpanah Mohammed Bin Tughlaq
    • 7. Tughlaqabad Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
    • 8. Firozabad Firoz Shah Tughlaq
    • 9. Dinpanah Humayu
    • 10. Shahjahanabad Shah Jehan
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