Vocabulary for Mastering Public Speaking The hand book by grice and skinner

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  1. Channel
    The way the message is sent
  2. Communication
    Sharing of meaning by sending and receiving symbolic cues
  3. Critical Thinking
    Reasonable reflective thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do.
  4. Decoding
    Attaching meaning to the words, gestures, and voice inflections recieved
  5. Encoding
    Putting ideas into symbols
  6. Environment
    2 things shape the environment 1 Occasion during which the communication occurs and 2 the physical setting where the communication occurs.
  7. Feedback
    All messages, verbal and non verbal, sent by listeners and speakers
  8. Group Communication
    generally takes place with three or more people interacting and influencing each other to pursue a common goal
  9. Interpersonal Communication
    Communication involving one other person.
  10. Interpreter
    simply the person who is communicating with words or other symbols
  11. Intrapersonal Communication
    Communication with yourself
  12. Listener
    Decoder or receiver
  13. Mass Communication
    Large audience; some form of print must be separated between speaker and audience. EX- newspaper, social media, etc.
  14. Message
    The ideas actually communicated
  15. Noise
    Anything that distracts from effective communication.
  16. Physical Noise
    Occurs in the physical communication environment- traffic, loud ac, people talking and laughing.
  17. Physiological Noise
    Bodily conditions that can shift your focus from communicating. A bad head cold, empty stomach, etc
  18. Psychological Noise
    Mental distractions - stress, anxiety, worry, daydream etc.
  19. Public Communication
    When one person speaks face to face with an audience
  20. Referent
    The object or idea for which the symbol stands.
  21. Speaker
    The sender, source, encoder
  22. Symbol
    Anything to which people attach or assign a meaning
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