Micro - Lab Practical 1

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  1. Contaminated
    a microorganism accidentally gets into your culture
  2. Protozoa
    unicellular eukaryotic organisms; usually chemoheterotrophic.
  3. Fungi
    an organism the belongs to the Kingdom of Fungi; a eukaryotic absorptive chemoheterotroph.
  4. Bacteria
    domain of prokaryotic organisms, characterized by peptidoglycan cell walls.
  5. Viruses
    a submicroscopic, parasitic, filterable agent consisting of nucleic acid surrounded by a protein coat.
  6. Sabouraud Agar
    Fungi typically grow in media that is slightly acidic and has extra glucose
  7. Nutrient Agar
    a general purpose media that will support the growth of many common bacteria (and some fungi) that aren't to finicky about what they eat
  8. Transient Flora
    microbes that are temporary and can be removed by handwashing
  9. Resident (Normal) Flora
    species of microorganisms that live naturally and permanently on our skin; hand washing will not completely remove resident flora, it will decrease their numbers temporarily.
  10. Nosocomial Infection
    a disease acquired during hospitalization; a disease that a patient did not have before entering the hospital.
  11. Hypothesis
    a logical prediction or educated guess as to the answer to your question
  12. Experimental Variable
    the condition being changed (example: increasing the temperature of the water)
  13. Experimental Group
  14. Control Group
    the unchanged group that we compare against
  15. Results
    refer to the actual data that you collect, like the numbers of colonies we obtained after washing our hands a certain way.
  16. Conclusions
    the logical judgment or analysis we make from our results.
  17. Simple Microscope
    a microscope with a single magnifying lens
  18. Compound Microscope
    a microscope with two magnifying lenses, objective and ocular.
  19. Condenser
    a lens system whose function is to focus the light onto the specimen
  20. Base
    the bottom of the microscope
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