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  1. 5-2        Geometric Vase, amphora, from Dipylon Cemetery, Athens, Greek, Geometric period, 8th cent. BC, black-figure amphora
  2. 5-14      Temple of Hera I, The “Basilica”, Paestum, Italy,  6th century BC, Greek Doric temple, Archaic period (note: slide has slightly closer view of building)
  3. 5-7        Kouros from Attica, Greek, Archaic period, 6th cent. BC, marble.
  4. 5-9        Kouros  from Anavysos, Greek, Archaic period, 6th cent. BC, marble
  5. 5-10     Kore from the Akropolis  , Greek, Archaic period, 6th cent. BC, marble
  6. 5-20      Exekias: Achilles and Ajax Playing Dice, Greek, black-figure Late Archaic amphora, 6th cent. BC
  7. 5-23      Euthymides: Dancing Revelers, detail of an Attic red-figure amphora, Greek, Late Archaic, 6th cent. BC
  8. 5-28      Dying Warrior, from east pediment of the Temple of Aphaia at Aegina, Greek, Early Classical (Transitional), late 6th – early 5th cent. BC, marble
  9. 5-34      Kritios Boy, Greek, early Classical, 5th cent. BC, marble
  10. 5-38      Zeus or Poseidon(?), Greek, early Classical, 5th cent., bronze
  11. 5-39      Myron: Discobolos, Greek, early Classical, 5th cent. BC, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original
  12. 5-40      Polykleitos: Doryphoros (Spear Bearer), Greek, Classical, 5th cent. BC Roman marble copy of Greek bronze originalv
  13. 5-1        Parthenon, Akropolis, View from West, Athens, Greek Classical architecture, 5th cent BC
  14. 5-49      Three Goddesess, from the east pediment of the Parthenon, Greek Classical sculpture, 5th cent BC.marble
  15. 5-56      Nike Fastening her Sandal, from parapet of the Temple of Athena Nike, Akropolis, Athens, Greek Classical relief sculpture, 5th cent BC,
  16. 5-62      Praxitiles: Aphrodite of Knidos, Greek, Late Classical, 4th cent BC, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original
  17. 5-63      Praxitiles: Hermes and the Infant Dionysus, Late Classical, 4th cent BC, Roman marble copy of Greek bronze original
  18. 5-70      Battle of Issus, Greek, Hellenistic period mosaic, 4th cent BC,Roman mosaic copy of late 2nd, or early 1st cent BC
  19. 5-78      Reconstructed Altar of Zeus, Pergamon, Greek, Hellenistic architecture, 2nd cent BC
  20. 5-82      Nike of Samothrace, Greek, Hellenistic, 2nd cent BC, marble
  21. 6-4        "Apollo of Veii" Etruscan, 6th cent. BC, painted terracotta
  22. 6-5        Sarcophagus with Reclining Couple, Etruscan, 6th cent. BC, painted terracotta
  23. Burial Chamber, Tomb of the Reliefs, Cerveteri, Italy, Etruscan, 3rd c. BC, modeled and painted tufa.
  24. 6-11      The She-Wolf of the Capitoline, Etruscan, 6th c. BC, bronze. (human figures- infants date from Renaissance)

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