SS chapter 11

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  1. The____________doubled the size of the United States.
    Louisiana Purchase
  2. "The Star-Spangled Banner" is the _______of the United States.
    National Anthem
  3. The _______________is made up of people chosen by each state to vote for the President and Vice-President.
    electoral college
  4. Daniel Boone was a ________, or person who pushed westward searching for land to settle.
  5. To remain _________is not to take sides.
  6. A ____________is an organized group of people who share a view of what government should be and do.
    political party
  7. The ________________was fought in the present-day state of Indiana between United States forces and Tecumseh's soldiers.
    Battle of Tippecanoe
  8. The _____________took place after the official end to War of 1812 because the news had not yet arrived from Europe. (They didn't know war was over)
    Battle of New Orleans
  9. The __________is remembered for dramatic battles at sea.
    War of 1812
  10. __________is the ceremony when a newly elected President swears loyalty to the Constitution and takes office.
  11. The _________is the edge of settlement for early setters who pushed westward.
  12. Members of Congress who pressed for war against Britain were known as __________.
    War Hawks
  13. an early settler who moved westward
  14. The heads of certain government departments are known as this. These heads advise and help the President.
  15. The Battle of ________took place after a treaty ending the war had been signed in Europe.
    Battle of New Orleans
  16. Not taking sides
  17. Members of Congress who pressed for war against Britain were known as War______.
    War Hawks
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