Chapter 11 Study Guide

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  1. What was a major effect of the Louisiana Purchase?
    It explained the United States. (gave more land)
  2. What did the United States wish to buy from French when the Louisiana Purchase was made?
    They wished to buy New Orleans.
  3. What was the role of Peirre L'Enfant in the capital city?
    He designed the city.
  4. Who decided that the Nation's capital would be moved to Washington, DC?
    • The Congress decided the Nation's capital would
    • be moved to Washington, DC.
  5. Whose ideas led to the development of two political parties?
    Jefferson and Hamilton
  6. What was formed by the heads of the department of the executive branch?
    They made the Cabinet.
  7. What was the job of the Cabinet?
    To advise the President.
  8. What caused political parities to emerge?
    People had different opinions.
  9. What was the last battle associated with the War of 1812?
    Battle of New Orleans.
  10. What inspired Francis Scott Key to write the "The Star Spangled Banner"?
    It was things he saw during the War of 1812.
  11. For what is the War of 1812 best remembered?
    It was known for dramatic battles at sea.
  12. Which of the following was NOT a factor on the United States' movement toward the war of 1812?
    The end of Jefferson's presidency was not a factor of the United States' movement toward the War of 1812.
  13. What is the main reason the United States went  to war with Britain for a second time?
    So they could gain freedom at sea.
  14. What did Lewis and Clark find?
    • A) fabulous views
    • B) new Plants and animals
    • C) a path over the Rock mountains
  15. What event took place because Jefferson wanted to find out about the west?
    Lewis and Clark launched an expedition.
  16. What were three of Lewis' and Clarks' goals?
    • to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean
    • to pay attention to the "soil and face of the country"
    • to establish relationship with the Native Americans
  17. What helped the US to grow westward?
    • Lewis and Clark expedition
    • the Louisiana Purchase
    • pioneers searching for New Lands
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