art 101 midterm part 1

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    franz marc blue horse 1
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    leonardo da vinci, the last supper
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    man ray gift
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    yinka shonibare revolution kid
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    edward hopper nighthawks
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    duchamp fountain
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    weiwei sunfloweer seeds
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    Gustav Sorbet, burial at omans
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    mark tansey triumph over mastery
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    Triumph over mastery, gianlorenzo bernini
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    tomb of chain shih-huang ti,
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    Christ and jeanne claude, the gates
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    holy virgin mary, chris ofili
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    leonardo da vinci, madonna of the rocks
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    judith beheading holofernes, caravaggio
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    artesmisia gentileschi, judith beheading holofernes
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    artemisia gentileschi

    judith and maidservant with the head of holofernes
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    pablo picasso, the old guitarist
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    pablo picasso, the girl with a goat
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    honore daumier, the second class carriage
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    jane hammond, fallen
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    pierre connard, the terrace at vernon
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    eugene delacroix, the death of sardanapalus
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    gustave caillabotte, place de l'euoppe on a rainy day
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    michalangeo, pieta
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    georges seurat a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande jatte
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