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  1. True or False

    Reasonable suspicion allows an officer to contact an individual to determine whether a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed?
  2. A written order or notice directing someone to appear before a designated court is what?
  3. When can an officer affect an arrest?
    • With a valid arrest warrant
    • When a crime has been committed in their presence
    • Or there is probable cause to believe that a crime has been, is being, or is about to be committed
  4. True or False

    A person is considered "seized" when their freedom is restricted either by a show of authority or physical force?
  5. When there is enough probable cause to physically detain and book someone for specific charges what do you do?
    Arrest them
  6. Does a homeowner have a reasonable expectation of privacy in their driveway? Why?
    No.  The courts have typically allowed that the driveway is not part of the curtilage of the property.
  7. A suspect is arrested in his home and then transported to the jail; can the arresting officer return to the home and begin a search for contraband?
    No. Any search incident to arrest must be done prior to transporting the suspect.  All other searched done after must be with a valid warrant.
  8. Excessive bail, fines and/or cruel and unusual punishment is covered in what Amendment?
  9. The statement "No State can deprive anyone the right to life, liberty and property" can be found where?
    The 14th Amendment
  10. True or False

    An officer may use appropriate reasonable physical force to effect an arrest, prevent escape or protect themselves or a third party from harm?
  11. What are the three Inchoate offenses found in Colorado Revised Statute
    Conspiracy, Solicitation, Criminal Attempt
  12. Martha wants to burn down her neighbors house without the neighbors consent.  She spreads gasoline all about the foundation and is ready to light the match when she is contacted by an officer and promptly arrested.  What will she be charge with?
    Criminal Attempt to commit 1st Degree Arson
  13. What are the elements to Sexual Assault on a Child 18-4-405
    • Sexual contact only
    • Victim must be under the age of 15 and the actor must be 4 years of older
  14. Josh, feeling emotionally unstable and unloved has decided to end his life.  Justin a good friend of his gives him a bottle of old prescription pills which Josh takes and overdoses killing himself. What are you going to charge Justin with?
    Manslaughter 18-3-104

    Assisting another to commit suicide
  15. Nick, after a hard weekend of tweaking has become hungry, to satisfy his hunger he uses a large rock to break into the vending machines located in his dorm lobby.  He takes approximately 3 candy bars, 2 sodas and roughly $12 in coins.  What will you charge him with?
    3rd degree Burglary 18-4-204

    Breaking into a safe, vault, cash register, vending machine, safe deposit box, or any machine designed to store and distribute goods
  16. During a holiday sale Chris notices a really nice handbag that another customer has picked up. Chris immediately pulls out a 4 inch knife and tells the other customer to "give me that purse or I'll cut your eye's out".  The customer promptly gives up the bag and runs away.  What crime did Chris commit
    Felony Menacing 18-3-206

    Placed another in fear of imminent serious bodily injury with a deadly weapon.
  17. Driving home from the bar Amanda and Becky hit a light pole, killing Becky and sending Amanda to the hospital. After the investigation it is found that Amanda's b.a.c. was over the legal limit.  What will she be charged with?
    Vehicular Homicide 18-3-106

    Offender operates a motor vehicle in a reckless manner and their conduct was the proximate death of another
  18. Timmy is tired of hearing his neighbors loud stereo late at night.  While his neighbor is at work Timmy enters his home without his knowledge and takes the stereo, places it in the backyard and lights it on fire. The stereo was worth $400  What will Timmy be charged with?
    • 2nd degree Burglary 18-4-203
    • 2nd degree Arson 18-4-103
    • Theft 18-4-401
  19. Debbie discovers her boyfriend is having a sexual relationship with another women. In her angry state she drives to his house, climbs over the privacy fence surrounding the front yard and spray paints "YOU BASTARD" on his front door.  What crimes has Debbie committed?
    • 2nd degree Criminal Trespass 18-4-503
    • Graffiti 18-4-509
  20. Under what statute will you find the word 'rape' in C.R.S
    You won't, it does not exist in C.R.S.
  21. A person appointed by the court to act in a juveniles best interests and to represent them in any proceedings is called a?
    Guardian Ad Litem
  22. Andrew Kuster is a bald pill popper. To support his habit he arms himself with a handgun, enters a pharmacy and steals oxycodone at gunpoint. What crime has he committed?
    • Aggravated robbery of controlled substances
    • 18-4-303
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