micro chapter 9

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  1. what is the informations stored on the DNA molecule is conveyed to RNA molecules through the process of
  2. what is the information contained in the RNA molecule is than used to produce proteins in the process
  3. each triplet of nucleotides on the RNA specifies a particular amino acid
    step 1 of gene-protein connection
  4. a proteins primary structure determines its shape and function
    step 2 of gene-protein connection
  5. proteins determine phenotype, living things are what their proteins make them
    step 3 gene-protein connection
  6. DNA is mainly a blueprint that tells the cell which kinds of proteins to make and how to make them
    step 4 gene-protein connection
  7. what RNA contains codes for sequence of amino acid in protein
    messenger (mRNA)
  8. what RNA function in cell is to carry DNA master code to the ribosomes and can be translated
    messenger (mRNA)
  9. what RNA contains codes for a cloverleaf to carry amino acids
    transfer (tRNA)
  10. what RNA function in cell brings amino acid to ribosome during translation and cannot be translated
    transfer (tRNA)
  11. what RNA contains codes for several large structural molecules
    ribosomal (rRNA)
  12. what RNA function in cell forms the major part of the ribosome and participates in protein synthesis and can not be translated
    ribosomal (rRNA)
  13. what RNA carries DNA message through complementary copy; message is in triplets called codons
    messenger RNA
  14. what RNA is made from DNA, secondary structure creates loops, bottom loop exposes a triplet of nucleotides called anticodon which designates specificity and complements mRNA; carries specific amino acids to ribosomes
    transfer RNA
  15. what RNA is the component of ribosomes where protein synthesis occurs
    ribosomal RNA
  16. 1. RNA polymerase binds to promoter region upstream of the gene
    2. RNA polymerase adds nucleotides complementary to the template strand of a segment of DNA int he 5` to 3` direction
    3. uracil is placed as adenine's complement
    4. at termination, RNA polymerase recognizes signals and releases the transcript
    first stage of gene expression
  17. all the elements needed to synthesize protein are brought together on the ribosomes
    the process occurs in five stages; initiation, elongation, termination, and protein folding and processing
    second stage of gene expression
  18. in the process of translation of gene expression the process of initiation, elongation, and termination occur in the
  19. in the process of translation of gene expression the process of protein folding and processing occurs in the
  20. what is represented by the mRNA codons and the amino acids they specify, codes are universal among organisms and codes are redundant
    the master genetic code
  21. what is the universal starting codon
  22. what is the termination codon's (stop codon's)
  23. what happens when transcription produces an mRNA complementary to the DNA gene
    interpreting the DNA code
  24. what during translation, tRNAs use their anticodon to interpret the mRNA codons, and bring in the amino acid
    interpreting the DNA code
  25. UAA, UGA, UAG are codons for which there is no corresponding tRNA
    termination codons
  26. when this codon is reached, the ribosome falls off and the last tRNA is removed for the polypeptide
    termination codon
  27. what allows for the synthesis of many protein molecules simultaneously from the same mRNA molecule
    polyribosomal complex
  28. during eukaryotic transcription it occurs in the
  29. during eukaryotic translation it occurs in the
  30. what has a start codon AUG but it does not use formly-methonine
    eukaryotic transcription and translation
  31. what mRNA encodes a SINGLE protein, unlike bacterial mRNA which encodes many
    eukaryotic transcription and translation
  32. what are intervening sequences of noncoding DNA which have to be spliced out of the final mRNA transcript
  33. introns are found on in
    eukaryotic transcription and translation
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