old irish adjective 3

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  1. bec(c)
    small, little
  2. bith
    only before a noun

    lasting, eternal, permanent
  3. cét
    only before a noun

    first, original, primary, former, aforesaid
  4. do/du
    only before a noun

    "has a pejorative or negative meaning"
  5. il
    w/ pl: many, numerous

    w/ sg: much, great, manifold
  6. maith
    good, excellent
  7. mi
    only before a noun

    evil, bad, ill, mis-, dis-, false, un-, not, im-
  8. mór, már
    great, big
  9. oen, oin
    only before a noun

    one, a single, only, unique, the same
  10. olc
    evil, bad, wrong
  11. sír
    long, lasting, constant

    in compound: ever, eternal
  12. sith
    only before a noun

  13. so, su
    only before a noun

    good, excellent
  14. trén
  15. búadach
    victorious, triumphant, preeminent, gifted, having many outstanding qualities
  16. caín
    fine, good, fair, beautiful
  17. cóir
    even, well-proportioned, straight, proper, correct, right, suitable, fitting, just
  18. deithbir
    fitting, proper, reasonable, natural
  19. derb
    sure, certain, fixed, determinate
  20. finn
    white, bright, fair, light-hued, fair, handsome
  21. fír
    true, veracious, genuine, just, fitting
  22. flann
    red, blood-red, bloody
  23. fota
    long, enduring, far, tall, extensive
  24. lethan
    broad, wide, widespread, level
  25. líath
    gray, gray-haired, aged
  26. lomm
    bare, naked, smooth, exact
  27. meinic(c), menic
    frequent, recurring, often
  28. menn, mend
    stammering, inarticulate
  29. óg
    whole, entire, integral, complete, perfect, untouched, intact, pure, chaste
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