Lab 15: Communities Terrestrial

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  1. In each community, a species has a ____, which includes the organism's interactions with its abiotic and biotic environment.
  2. If two species have very similar niches, competition (known as ________ competition) occurs.
  3. Interspecific competition often results in the better suited species completely displacing the less to the point of extinction. This is known as the principle of ________ ________.
    competitive exclusion
  4. Some other examples of competition include: ________ competition, where one species uses overt aggression to drive another species away from a resource; ________ competition occurs when one species simply uses the resource first, and by doing so, reduces the amount of resource available to a competitor species.
    interference; exploitive
  5. The total number of different species in a community is called species ________.
  6. ________ broadly applies to not only the number of different species, but also the relative abundance of each species in the community.
  7. One of the most widely used diversity indices is the ________ ________ index, which allows diversity to be calculated without separating all the factors that contribute to diversity.
    Shannon diversity
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