unit 14 Brady Lang Arts vocab 03-10-14

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  1. amplify
    to make stronger, larger, greater, louder, or the like

    syn: increase, augment, fill out, supplement
  2. armistice
    a temporary peace; halt in fighting

    syn: cease-fire, truce
  3. arrogant
    haughty, too convinced of ones own importance

    syn: high-handed, overbearing, presumptuous
  4. bland
    gentle, soothing, mild, lacking interest or taste

    syn: dull, insipid
  5. disclaim
    to deny interest in or connection with: to give up all claim to

    syn: disavow, disown, repudiate
  6. epoch
    a distinct period of time, era, age
  7. estrange
    to drift apart or become unfriendly: to cause such a separation: to remove or keep at a distance

    syn: part company, alienate
  8. gratify
    to please, satisy: to indulge or humor

    syn: delight
  9. infinite
    exceedingly great; inexhaustable, without limit, endless: an incalculable number, the concept of infinity

    syn: unlimited, boundless
  10. irascible
    easily made angry, hot-tempered

    syn: irritable, quarrelsome, cantankerous
  11. kindred
    a person's relatives; a family relationship; related by blood; like, similar

    syn: kin, relations
  12. naive
    innocent, unsophiticated, showing lack of wordly knowledge and experience

    syn: green, wet behind the ears
  13. niche
    a decorative recess in a wall; a suitable place or position for a person or thing

    syn: nook, alcove
  14. obliterate
    to blot out completley, destroy utterly

    syn: wipe out, erase, expunge
  15. ramshackle
    appearing ready to collapse, loose and shaky

    syn: rickety, unsteady, run-down, dilapidated
  16. ransack
    to search or examine thoroughly; to rob, plunder

    syn: rummage, scour
  17. rote
    unthinking routine or repitition, a fixed or mechanical way of doing something; based on a mechanical routing
  18. solvent
    able to meet one's financial obligations; having the power to dissolve other substances; a liquid used to dissolve other substances; something that solves, explains, eliminates, or softens

    syn: financially sound, in the black
  19. tedious
    long and tiresome

    syn: boring, monotonous
  20. vendor
    a person who sells something

    syn: peddler, hawker, dealer, merchant

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unit 14 Brady Lang Arts vocab 03-10-14
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unit 14 Brady Lang Arts vocab 03-10-14
unit 14 Brady Lang Arts vocab 03-10-14
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