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  1. Origin of flower
    • Image Upload
    • variations
    •    -where all and parts are present
    •    -how many of each part
    •    - Parts separate or unitep
  2. Reproduction
    • 1. Mitosis in megaspore 2. Pollen tube grows -->
    • 1. Cell wall form 2.) More pollen tub, growth sperm formed -->
    • 1.) Pollen tube enter megametophyte. 2.) Sperm released (sperm x egg --> zygote, sperm x polar nuclei --> endosperm cell)-->
    • 1.) Zygote develop into embryo. 2.) Endosperm cell develop into endosperm tissue. 3.) Ingument and nucellus become seed coat. 4.) Ovary wall develops into pericap
  3. Solution to gymo shortcomings
    • A.) Pollen transport
    • B.) Pollen selectivity
    • C.) Seed dispersal
  4. Pollen transport
    • Solutions: Petals
    • Animals transport pollen
    • 1.) Get animal to flowers
    •   a.)Rewards -What animals needs or wants.
    •     food- nectar and pollen
    •     Reproduction (sex and place to raise young in)
    •   b.) Advertisment: Petals (sight [color, shape,size] and smell [osmophores]
    • 2.) Ensure that animal touches anthers and stigma.
  5. Pollen selectively
    Solution: Enclosing ovules in carpel

    • 1.) Pollen can only stick to stigma
    • 2.) Must grow a long pollen tube to get to egg.
    • 3.) Carpel interacts chemically with pollen and pollen tube
    •   a.) Stigma and pollen- protein interaction.
    •      -Favorable: Pollen tube allowed to grow.
    •      -Unfavorable: Not allowed to grow.
    •   b.) Carpel tissue and pollen tube- protein interaction
    •      -Favorable: Allows continued growth.
    •      - Unfavorable: Pollen tube killed by carpel with RNAase.
  6. Seed disperal
    • Too large and heavy to disperse far by wind.
    • Solution: Enclosing ovules in carpels.
    • 1.) Ovule in carpel develops into seed in a pericap.
    • 2.) Pericap can specialize in dispersal. Many modification possible.
    • a.) Animal food
    •    - seed stick to them or be partly digested or be completely digested
    • b.) Stick to animal fur.
    • c.) More effective and dispersal.
    • d.) Water
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