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  1. Form
    the literal shape and mass the objects are used in art (linee,light,color)
  2. content
    the principal substance of the work of art
  3. iconography
    the branch of art history that studies the description and the interpretation of the content of the image
  4. subjective
    takes place in our mind rather than the external world. it depends on our thoughts and emotions rather than evidence
  5. objective
    presented by factual evidence, not influence by  any feeling
  6. conceptual art
    the idea that the content of art causes
  7. context
    personal, social, historical, environmental circumstances surrounding the making, viewing and interpreting of a work of art
  8. narrative
    tells a story
  9. tenebrism
    (tnebroso) a heightened from of chiaroscuro
  10. highlights
    the spot or one of the spots of highest key or value i a picture
  11. shadow
    the unlighted surface of a form rendered by modeling or chiaroscuro
  12. chiaroscuro
    a drawing or painting, the shadow cast by a figure, darker than the shadowed surface itself
  13. monochromatic solor scheme
    a color scheme that consists of a variety of values of the same hue (single color)
  14. analogous color scheme
    pairs of colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel (yellow, orange)
  15. triadic color scheme
    a color scheme made up of three color wquidistant from each other on the color wheel;suach as orange, green and violet
  16. arbitrary color
    color that has no realistic or natural realation to the object that is depicted, as in blue horse or a purple cow, but that may have emotional or expressive significance.
  17. tertiary colors
    range of colors on the color wheel between each primary and secondary colors....yellow-green
  18. complementary color scheme
    pairs of colors, such as red and green, that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel
  19. simultaneous contrast
    a property of complementary colors when placed side by side, resulting in the fact that both appear brighter and more intense when seen in isolation
  20. implied line
    a line created by movement or direction, such as the line established by a pointing finger, the direction of a glance, or a body moving through space
  21. positive shape
  22. negative shape
    empty space, surrounded and shaped so that it acquires a sense of form or volume
  23. linear perspective
    mathematical system for creating the ilusion of space and distance on a flat surface
  24. one point linear perspective
    version of linear perspective in which there is only one vanishing point in the composition
  25. vanishing point
    the point on the horizon line where parallel lines appear to coverge
  26. two point linear perspective
    version of linear perspective in which there are two(or more) vanishing points in the composition
  27. foreshortening
  28. modification of perspective to decrease disortion resulting from the apparent visual contactin of an object or figure as it extends backward from the picture plan at an angle approaching the prependicular
  29. texture
    the surface quality of a work
  30. pointillism
    small dots of color in patterns to create a large, cohesive image.
  31. asymmetrically balanced
    balanced achieved in a composition when neither side reflects or mirrors the other
  32. pastel
    soft crayon made of chak and pigment; also, any work doen in this medium
  33. print
    any one of multiple impressions made from master image
  34. relief
    any process in which any are of the plate not to be printed is carved away, leaving the original surface to be printed
  35. intaglio
    from of printmaking which the line is incised into the surface of the printing plate, including acquatint, drypoint, etching, engraving and mezzotint
  36. didacticism
    making art to teach and elevate the mind
  37. ground
    coating applied to a canvas or printmaking plate to prepare it for painting or etching
  38. solvent
    thinner that enables paint to flow more readily and that allso cleans brushes
  39. vehicle
    thiner paint, and clean brushes too
  40. buon fresco
    wet freso, paint is chemically bounded to the plaster, integral to the wall
  41. fresco seco
    bad fresco, dry, paint is independent layer, separate from the plaster proper
  42. glazing
  43. water color
    painting contisting of pigment supended in a solution of water and gum arabic
  44. acrylic
    plastic resin that, mixed w/ water and pigment. forms an inorganic and quickly drying paint medium
  45. mixed media
    combination of two or more media in a single work
  46. collage
    work media by pasting various scraps or pieces of material onto the surface of the composition
  47. daguerrotype
    one of the earliest forms of photography, invented by louis jacques Mande in 1893, made on a copper plate polishes with silver
  48. dodging
    photographic technique that decreases the exposure of selected areas of the paint that the photographer wishes to be lighter
  49. burning
    a photographic technique that increases the exposure to areas of the print that should be darker
  50. aperture
    the opening that determines the quantity of light admitted by a camera lens
  51. shutter speed
    speed that the aperture stays oper- factor of how much light is admitted though the camera onto the film
  52. auteurs
    film director who are considered the "authors" of their work
  53. performance art
    form of art, popular especially since the late 1960s, includes physical space and human activity
  54. subractive
    process in which the form is discovered by the removal of material....carving
  55. additive
    from is build up, shapper, enlarged by adding materials
  56. low relief
    sculpture still attached to a background by les that one half their normal depth
  57. high relief
    sculpture that remains attached to backgorund place, off the back by at leat one half on normal depth
  58. in the round
    opposed to relief. sculpture that no requires wall support and can be experienced from all sides
  59. contrapposto
    hips and legs are turned in opposition to the shoulders and chest
  60. casting
    sculpture by pouring molten material.into a mold bearing the sculptures impression
  61. assemblandge
    sculpture where many elements and objects are combined
  62. installation
    en enviroment that is indoors
  63. eathwork
    enviroment outdoors
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