Civics Unit 2 Test Vocab

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  1. BC
    Before Christ, left of zero, same as BCE
  2. BCE
    Before Common Era, left of zero, same as BC
  3. AD
    Anno Domini ("Year of Our Lord"), right of zero, same as ACE
  4. ACE
    After Common Era, right of zero
  5. Era
    A time period
  6. BC & AC are what kind of terms?
    Christian terms
  7. Ca.
    Circa means approximately
  8. C.
    Century means 100 years
  9. 2014 is in what century?
    21st C.
  10. Year 843 is in what century?
    9th C.
  11. How were many stories passed along?
    Through oral traditions
  12. Historical evidence
    Oral traditions do not count as historical evidence
  13. Abraham
    Was the founder and patriarch of Judaism, according to the bible. Not considered a historical event
  14. Fertile Crescent
    Good land for growing crops. Early Jewish people were nomads traveling throughout this land for 1000 years. Surrounded by desert.
  15. Ancient Jewish people are often called?
    Hebrews. Many think of Hebrew as a language, not people
  16. What was Israel called when the ancient Jews lived?
  17. Two kingdoms
    Kingdom of Israel and kingdom of Judah. We're once a kingdom until a civil war
  18. Who conquered the Jews first?
    Babylonians. Took over and exiled them to Babylon where the wrote the first five books of the torah
  19. Who conquered the Jews second?
    Romans. Eventually led to the destruction of the Jewish temple.
  20. Romans motto
    You can worship your own gods as long as you worship our roman gods and goddesses also. But Jews were monotheist and could only worship God
  21. Diaspora
    Scattering of people. Jewish diaspora started after being kicked out by the Romans. Jews were the minority everywhere they went.
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