Civics Unit 2 Test Vocab for some identities

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  1. Nationality
    The country (nation) a person is a citizen of; country you're legally a part of
  2. Culture
    The beliefs, behaviors, language, traditions, and arts of a particular group of people
  3. Ethnicity
    The cultural group a person belongs to
  4. Religion
    A set of organized beliefs about gods/goddesses, meaning of life, etc.
  5. Race
    Grouping of people based on physical differences, esp. skin color
  6. Bias
    Assumption makes towards certain groups based on past encounters, that may or may not accurately portray the rest of the group
  7. Stereotype
    The behaviors, beliefs, etc. that you assume a certain group of people will have wether they are true or not
  8. Discrimination
    Actions negatively directed towards a group for things they may or may not be able to help, just because they are who they are
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