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  1. 1. If you turn on a PC and you don’t see anything onscreen or hear any fans spinning, what is the most likely reason?
    A. Defective monitor
    B. Wrong type of network adapter
    C. Broken fan
    D. Bad power supply
    D. A bad power supply would cause both lack of onscreen display and no fan. A bad monitor would not cause the fans not to spin. A broken fan would not cause the screen to be blank. The wrong type of network adapter would not cause either of those symptoms.
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  2. 2. What does a POST card help diagnose?
    A. Startup problems where nothing is displayed onscreen
    B. Startup problems resulting in a BIOS error message
    C. Overheating problems
    D. Application problems
    A. A POST card is a circuit board you insert into an open slot on the motherboard. It displays a two-digit code to tell you where the system is in the booting process. This is useful when nothing is displayed onscreen.
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  3. 3. If you see a text error message onscreen as the computer boots up, with gray text on a black background, the message is most likely coming from .
    A. The Internet
    B. BIOS
    C. Windows
    D. An application
    B. A black-screen error usually comes from the BIOS, such as a message indicating that the hard disk is not bootable.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  4. 4. A BSOD, or Blue Screen of Death, is a(n) message from Windows indicating that a serious error has occurred, possibly involving hardware.
    A. EXIT
    B. HALT
    C. QUIT
    D. STOP
    D. A blue-screen STOP error indicates a serious unrecoverable error in Windows. The system must be rebooted to continue.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  5. 5. The is a graphical interface you can access by booting from the Windows Setup CD when you need to repair Windows.
    A. Restore Mode
    B. Recovery Console
    C. Recovery Environment
    D. Directory Service
    C. The Recovery Environment is accessed from the Windows Setup CD for Windows Vista and higher. The Recovery Console is a command-line interface for system recovery used in Windows XP.
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  6. 6. On a Windows system, what key do you press at startup to display the Advanced Options menu?
    A. F5
    B. Depends on the BIOS
    C. F1
    D. F8
    D. Press F8 to display the Advanced Options menu. The key you press to enter BIOS Setup depends on the BIOS, but the key you press to access Windows’ Advanced Options menu does not vary.
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  7. 7. What does the Windows utility System Restore do?
    A. Removes all third-party drivers
    B. Restores data files
    C. Returns the system configuration files to a previous version
    D. Resets the RAM
    C. System Restore replaces the current system confi guration files, including Registry files, with a recent backup of them.
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  8. 8. What is the filename for the System Configuration Utility?
    B. Run MSCONFIG to access the System Confi guration Utility.
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  9. 9. In the System Configuration Utility, on which tab do you clear check boxes to prevent certain programs from loading automatically when Windows starts?
    A. General
    B. Boot
    C. Startup
    D. Services
    C. Applications set to load at startup appear on the Startup tab.
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  10. 10. On a Mac, a(n) icon at startup may indicate that the hard disk is disconnected.
    A. Prohibition, or sad Mac
    B. Exclamation point
    C. Question mark
    D. Angry Mac
    C. The question-mark icon appears at startup if the Mac can’t find a hard disk or can’t find a system folder on the hard disk.
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  11. 11. If Windows won’t boot normally because of a bad startup application or driver, you may be able to boot into Mode to fix the problem.
    A. Safe
    B. Directory
    C. Minimal
    D. Network
    A. Safe Mode loads a minimal set of drivers, so it can sometimes start a computer that will not start normally. To access it, press F8 while booting, and select it from the Advanced Options menu.
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  12. 12. If the OS slows down dramatically, which components are probably being overtaxed?
    A. RAM or display adapter
    B. Hard disk or RAM
    C. RAM or CPU
    D. CPU or network adapter
    C. Dramatic slowdown of the computer’s operation usually means either RAM or the CPU is being heavily used.
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  13. 13. If the OS locks up and the mouse won’t work, what is the most common cause?
    A. Display adapter malfunction
    B. Overheating
    C. Corrupt mouse driver
    D. Corrupt hard disk
    B. Overheating is the most common cause of complete system lockup, including unresponsive input devices (keyboard and mouse).
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  14. 14. In Windows, you can sometimes use Mode to run an application that is designed for an earlier Windows version.
    A. Administrator
    B. Advanced
    C. Function
    D. Compatibility
    D. Compatibility Mode enables you to select an earlier version of Windows for the system to emulate when communicating with a certain application.
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  15. 15. If you are logged in as a(n) user and the OS won’t let you install an application, try logging in as a(n) user.
    A. Power, standard
    B. Administrator, standard
    C. Standard, guest
    D. Standard, administrator
    D. An administrator account can install new applications; a standard user may not be able to do so. A guest account cannot install applications.
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  16. 16. A(n) is a situation where an application stops working.
    A. Configuration error
    B. Crash
    C. Timeout
    D. BSOD
    B. An application crashes when it stops responding to your commands.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  17. 17. A device communicates between a device and the OS.
    A. Driver
    B. Query
    C. Header
    D. Manager
    A. Device drivers translate instructions and status messages between the OS and the device.
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  18. 18. Which of these is not a reason why a mouse may malfunction?
    A. The wrong driver is installed for it.
    B. Electrostatic discharge.
    C. The mouse is damaged.
    D. It’s dirty.
    B. Electrostatic discharge, or ESD, is static electricity. Mice are not particularly susceptible to that. The other three items listed are all common causes of mouse problems.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  19. 19. If the network is rejecting your login password, check to make sure that.
    A. Caps Lock is not on
    B. The network interface is connected
    C. The mouse is functioning
    D. The display adapter is working
    A. Caps Lock being on makes a case-sensitive password invalid. The mouse functionality has nothing to do with network login. The display adapter can be assumed to be working if you see the network login at all. If you had no connection to the network, it would not be asking for your login in the first place.
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  20. 20. To determine your network adapter’s IP address, what command-line utility should you use?
    A. tracert
    B. ping
    C. ipconfig
    D. cmd
    C. The ipconfig command reports the IP addresses and other information for each network adapter in your system.
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