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  1. Memory
    The persistence of learning over time through the storage and retrieval of information.
  2. Encoding
    • The processing of information into the memory system-for example, by extracting meaning.
    • getting info into memory
  3. Storage
    • The retention of encoded info overtime.
    • retaining info for late access
  4. Retrieval
    • the process of getting information out of memory storage
    • Accessing and recovering stored info
  5. Automatic Processing
    Unconscious encoding of incidental information, such as space, time, and frequency, and of well-learned information, such as word meaning.
  6. Effortful Processing
    • Encoding that requires attention and conscious effort.
    • rehearsal
  7. Rehearsal
    Conscious repetition to maintain in memory.
  8. Implicit memory
    Retention independent of conscious recollection.
  9. Mnemonics
    • memory aids
    • vivid images organizational devices
  10. Explicit memory
    Memory of facts and experiences that one can consciously know and "declare."
  11. Flashbulb memory
    • A clear memory of a emotionally significant moment or event.
    • 9/11 emotional, surprising, frightening
  12. Short term memory
    • 7 +2 -2
    • Limited duration, quickly forgotten unless we attach meaning/rehearse
  13. Long Term memory
    • Capacity is limitless
    • retrieval is often the problem, not storage
    • wear flashbulb memories stored
    • alcohol impairs formation of memories
    • LTP
  14. Long term potentiation LTP
    • An increase in a cell's firing potential after brief rapid stimulation. Believed to be a neural basis for learning and memory.
    • strengthen neural connection = memory
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