PTA 204 KC Ankle "Notes "Focus on Evidence" and "Clinical Tips"

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  1. for the great toe to be effective during gait it needs how much ROM
    40-50 extension
  2. RA precaution for general ankle tx
    use orthotics and proper shoes to avoid challenging a motion not being targeted and causing other hypermobile issues
  3. after a TAA this type of training and activity is inappropriate
  4. for plantar heel pain study showed electrophysical agents and exercise or manual interventions (soft tissue techniques and mobs) worked better
    both worked good but manual interventions with exercise worked better
  5. what type of structural arch condition should wear shoes with medial arch support when stretching G/S
    pes planus
  6. along with PRICE this type of technique applied during acute stage greatly improved return to function for plantar heel pain
    soft tissue mobs (gentle)
  7. training with emphasis on eccentric loading of ankle PF has show good response to this condition
    • achilles tendinopathy
    • must be done gradually to avoid reinjure
  8. like most muscles besides strengthening what other muscle exercise is also very important to work on with achilles tendon ruptures exer
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Good misc pieces from summaries and exerts from the side notes in KC relating to focus on evidence, clinical tips, and notes
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