carpentry 1 - blueprint reading specification, discrepancies & path

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  1. What are 3 types of info defined in a specification sub-section?
    • 1. Scope of work
    • 2. Materials used
    • 3. Method of fabrication and installation
  2. What document will you refer to if the specie of wood and the size requirements are not included in the specification of a 2 story house?
    The Alberta National Building code - for residential construction up to 3 stories
  3. list 3 forms that specifications can take.
    • 1. General notes on the drawings
    • 2. Individual pages at the end of the set
    • 3. Contained in a specification book
  4. Using the specification numbering system, identify the division and subsection for 06130.
    • The division wood and plastics is represented by the first 2 numbers
    • The remaining 3 identify the subsection: heavy timber
  5. What are the 3 parts described in each sub-section?
    • 1. Scope of work and any related sub-sections
    • 2. Type of material and its handling and storage requirements
    • 3. How materials and components are to be installed or assembled
  6. How many divisions are listed in the CSI format for specifications?
    17, including 0
  7. 3 separate views of a footing show differing sizes. Which dimension should be used?
    Drawing with largest scale takes precedence.
  8. Which group of drawings takes precedence if the column sizes for a high-rise differ between the architectural and structural drawings?
  9. Why do shop drawings take precedence over all other info?
    They are reviewed and approved by the architect, or related engineer, before being included in the set of working drawings.
  10. Briefly describe the 4 steps you would follow to familiarize yourself with a new set of blueprints.
    • 1. Look at the elevation - to determine style of building
    • 2. Observe location of building on the plot plan
    • 3. Check the first floor plan to acquaint yourself with the building features (e.g. entrances, hallways, windows, doors)
    • 4. Navigate through the drawings using the section and detail references
  11. If you find a difference between the main floor dimensions and the foundation dimensions what should you do??
    • Don't cry.
    • Check building sections for cantilevers or inset walls.
  12. How are the views in a set of drawings organized?
    Views are arranged to correspond with the order of construction
  13. Are building sections usually found in the first part, middle section, or toward the end of a set of blueprints?
    Middle part.
  14. List 6 groups of drawings that are included in a full set of plans.
    • 1. Mechanical
    • 2. Electrical
    • 3. Architectural
    • 4. Structural
    • 5. Location 
    • 6. Shop
  15. How should you locate a specific page within a set of drawings?
    Rolling over bottom right hand corner of each page until you find appropriate page number. Then open the plans fully. ...duh.
  16. Explain how you would navigate through the drawings to find info if you know that it would typically be found on a section or detail?
    • Start at a plan to find the appropriate section line, using the section title and page number in the arrow, turn to the page and locate the section. 
    • If it refers to a detail, the detail is found in the same manner. Using the detail, title and page number.
  17. what is the difference between the 'unified construction index' (UCI) and the 'CSI' format?
    • CSI - 17 divisions, including 0. Has 5 digit format
    • UCI - 50 divisions. Has 6 digit format
  18. How do you change a CSI to a UCI?
    Add a 0 to existing CSI number.
  19. What do you do if there is discrepancies between text and drawings?
    • Text, in the form of general notes, supercedes any drawing. 
    • Confirm findings with designer before building.
  20. Which drawings dominate?
    Shop drawings
  21. When given a new set of blueprints, what are 3 steps to detect errors?
    • 1. Ensure pages correspond to index on title page
    • 2. Correct job name is in title box of each page
    • 3. Border is included around the page
  22. What is often done because a home owner is more interested in the layout of the house?
    Floor plan and foundation plan are reversed
  23. On site plans, when are the dimensions and angles of corners not displayed?
    If they are 90 degrees.
  24. Which drawing are electrical baseboard heaters shown on?
    Electrical drawings (not mechanical)
  25. What should you do after your first finding?
    CONFIRM it.
  26. Where are slopes of sidewalks often indicated?
    Site plans
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