Further Mechanics

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  1. State the conservation for momentum
    In a collision momentum within any plane is always conserved. The total momentum of a system is constant, unless acted on by and external force.
  2. What is conserved during elastic and non-elastic collisions ?
    In Elastic collisions both momentum and Kinetic energy is conserved

    In inelastic collisions momentum is conserved but kinetic energy is not conserved
  3. What is centripetal force ?
    Centripetal force is the resultant force (towards the centre) required by any mass to move in a circular path at a constant speed. (It is constant in magnitude, but keeps changing direction to point towards the centre. Therefore it does no work)

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  4. What is Angular Speed (ω) ?
    The angle rotated per second in radians per second. (rad s-1)

    ω=Image Upload  v=rω   ω=2Image Uploadf
  5. What is linear speed?
    Tangential velocity at radius, r from the centre of rotation. (v=rω)
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