Management Ch. 6

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  1. Organizational structure
    Specification of the jobs to be done within an organization and the ways in which they relate to one another.
  2. Organizational chart
    Diagram depicting a company's structure and showing employees where they fit into its operations.
  3. Chain of command
    Reporting relationships within a company
  4. Job specialisation
    The process of identifying the specific jobs that need to be done and desginating people who will perform them.
  5. Departmentalization
    Process of grouping jobs into logical units.
  6. Profit center
    Separate company unit responsible for its own costs and profits.
  7. Product departmentalisation
    Dividing an organisation according to specific products or services being created.
  8. Process departmentalization
    Dividing an organization according to production processes used to create a good or service.
  9. Functional departmentalization
    Dividing an organization according to groups' functions or activities.
  10. Customer departmentalization
    Dividing an organization to offer products and meet needs for identifiable customer groups.
  11. Geographic departmentalizaton
    Dividing an organization according to the areas of the country or the world served by a business.
  12. Centralized organization
    Organizzation in which most decision-making authority is held by upper-level management
  13. Flat organizational structure
    Characteristic of decentralized companies with relatively few layers of management.
  14. Tall organizational structure
    Characteristic of decentralized companies with multiple layers of management.
  15. Span of control
    Number of people supervised by one manager.
  16. Delegation
    Process through which a manager allocates work to subordinates
  17. Responsibility
    Duty to perform an assigned task.
  18. Authority
    Power to make the decisions necessary to complete a task
  19. Accountability
    Obligation employees have to their manager for the successful completion of an assigned task.
  20. Line Authority
    Organizational structure in which authority flows in a direct chain of command from the topĀ of the company to the bottom.
  21. Line Department
    Department directly linked to the production and sales of a specific product.
  22. Staff authority
    Authority based on expertise that usually involves counseling and advising line managers.
  23. Staff members
    Advisers and councelors who help line departments in making decisions but who do not have the authority to make final decisions.
  24. Committee and Team Authority
    Authority granted to committees or teams involved in a firm's daily operations.
  25. Work Team
    Groups of operating employees who are empowered to plan and organize their own work and to perform that work with a minimum of supervision.
  26. Functional Structure
    Organization structure in which authority is determined by the relationships between group functions and activities.
  27. Divisional structure
    Organizational structure in which corporate divisions operate as autonomous businesses under a larger corporate umbrella
  28. Division
    Department that resembles a separate business in that it produces and markets its own products.
  29. Matrix Structure
    Organizational structure creates by superimposing one form of structure onto another
  30. International Organizational Structures
    Approaches to organizational structure developed in response to the need to manufacture, purchase, and sell in global markets.
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