Electric and Magnetic Fields

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  1. What is Coulombs Law?
    The force between two point charges (Q1 & Q2 ) placed r meters apart in a vacuum is given by


  2. Electric Field Lines
    These show the 'direction in which a free positive charge will move'.

    The electric field lines between two parallel charged plates are parallel and run +ve to -ve

    The electric field lines from a positive point charge lie in a 'star' pattern (pointing outwards)
  3. Radial Electric Field
    the electric field created by a pont charge are referred to as 'radial' and are also 'inverse square'. The E-field strength decreases as 1/distance2 . (So doubling the distance will QUARTER the field-strength.)

  4. Uniform electric field
    This occurs between two charged parallel plates. The E-field strength has the same value everywhere and is given by (V=Pd across plates and d= separation of the two plates.)

  5. State the definition for capacitance
    This is the charge required to raise the voltage across the capacitor by one volt. C=Q/V. Where Q=charge and V= potential difference. Unit: Farad (or Coulomb per volt)

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Electric and Magnetic Fields
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