warm herbs, relieve exterior

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  1. Ma Huang
    • Induce sweat, dispel cold
    • disperse & descend Lu qi --> relieve asthma
    • promote water met (urine), relieve edema
    • CC: spont/night sweat, dysp b/c of def; hbp
  2. Gui Zhi
    • Induce sweat, dispel cold
    • eliminate cold, warm meridians, remove yang qi stagnation (activate yang)
    • chest bi, bi syndrome, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, fluid retention
    • CC: warm febrile disease, yin def heat, bleeding, preg, heavy menses
  3. Zi Su Ye
    • Dispel W/c, regulate Sp/St
    • remove qi stagn of Sp/St
    • restless fetus
    • intoxication of fish or crab
  4. Sheng Jiang
    • Dispel w/c, regulate Sp/St
    • warm MJ,stop vomit
    • eliminate toxin (herbs, fish, crab)
  5. Xiang Ru
    • dispel w/c, regulate Sp/St
    • eliminate summer heat/damp
    • water metabolism & edema in summer
  6. Jing Jie
    • eliminate wind, relieve ext, rubella & itching
    • stop bleeding (ash can stop bleeding)
    • promote eruption, cure sore (early)
    • CC: Lv wind, completely erupted measle
  7. Fang Feng
    • eliminate wind, relieve ext, rubella & itching
    • essential for eliminate wind --> tetanus
    • stop pain --> bi syndrome
    • CC: internal wind due to yin/blood def, wind due to warm disease
  8. Qiang Huo
    • Dispel w/c, stop pain
    • dry damp
    • bi syndrome (upper)
  9. Bai Zhi
    • dispel w/c, stop pain
    • disease in head & face (yang ming h/a; sinusitus)
    • carbuncle, abscess
  10. Cang Er Zi
    • disperse w/c, remove obstruction from nose
    • eliminate wind & damp
    • small toxic
  11. Xin Yi
    • disperse w/c, remove obstruction from nose
    • essential to treat sinusitis
    • decoct in seperate bag
  12. Xi Xin
    • dispel wind, eliminate cold, stop pain
    • stronger relieve pain
    • relieve ext, warm int --> warm Lu & remove fluid retention
    • relieve nasal congestion
  13. Gao Ben
    • dispel wind, eliminate cold, stop pain
    • taiyang h/a
    • bi syndrome
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