Nervous System

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  1. Functions of the nervous system.
    • Sensory Input
    • Integration
    • Motor Input
  2. 2 Divisions of the Nervous System
    • Central Nervous System
    • Peripheral Nervous System
  3. 3 Divisions of Peripheral Nervous System
    • Somatic
    • Autonomic
    • Enteric
  4. What is sensory input?
    Information gathered by sensory receptors about internal and external changes.
  5. What is integration?
    Interpretation of sensory input.
  6. What is Motor Output?
    Activation of effector organs (muscles and glands) that produces a response.
  7. What composes the CNS?
    Brain and Spinal Chord which are responsible for integration and being a command center.
  8. What composes the PNS?
    Paired spinal and cranial nerves the carry messages to and from the PNS.
  9. What are somatic afferent fibers?
    fibers that convey impulses from the skin, skeletal muscles, and joints
  10. What are the functional divisions of the PNS?
    • Sensory (afferent)
    • Motor (efferent): transmits impulses from the CNS to effector organs
  11. What are visceral afferent fibers?
    fibers that convey impulses from visceral organs
  12. What is the somatic nervous system?
    Conscious control over skeletal muscle
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