Lecture 11 Unemployment Note Quiz

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  1. What is the equation for unemployment?
    Unemployment = Image Upload
  2. What are the four types of unemployment?
    • 1. Seasonal
    • 2. Structural
    • 3. Frictional
    • 4. Cyclical
  3. What is seasonal unemployment? What are some examples?
    • Unemployment caused by changes in the seasons
    • Ex. migrant workers, ski resort workers, life guards, and Santa Claus
  4. What is structural unemployment? What is a cause?
    • Unemployment caused by a mismatch of skills of workers out of work and skills needed; also occurs when experienced manufacturing jobs are replaced by technology
    • Lack of education and training is a cause.
  5. What is frictional unemployment? What is an example?
    • transitional unemployment; resulting being "in between" jobs
    • Ex. spouse moves across country and professional spouse waits for a new job
  6. What is cyclical unemployment?
    Unemployment as a result of recession; directly tied to a company's decline in productivity resulting from decline in demand
  7. What is the most damaging and largest type of unemployment?
    Cyclical Unemployment
  8. What type of unemployment was seen during the Great Depression and current recession?
    Cyclical Unemployment
  9. What is the current unemployment rate? What is the rate for each type of unemployment?
    • Unemployment = 6.7%
    • Seasonal = not counted in rate
    • Structural = 2%
    • Frictional = 1.5%
    • Cyclical = 3.2%
  10. Unemployment and _____ ______ _____ is a focus for both high schools and colleges as the markets for jobs becomes more competitive.
    job market preparation
  11. What three developments are key to competitive jobs?
    Technical training, job placement, and workforce development
  12. Opponents of _____ _____ increases, higher taxes for business and imports all argue that these lead to _____ _____
    minimum wage; higher unemployment
  13. Unemployment rates are _____.
  14. How is someone classified as unemployed?
    One must be actively looking for work - thus discouraged workers (those who quite looking for work) are not counted
  15. Who is ranked lowest in unemployment among other industrialized countries?
    The United States
  16. What are the unemployment rates for Great Britain, Germany, France, US, and Mexico?
    • Great Britain: 12%
    • Germany: 14%
    • France: 15%
    • US: 6.7%
    • Mexico: 35%
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