Music vocab

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  1. tetrachord
    a diatonic series of four tones, the first and the last separated by a perfect fourth
  2. Ictus
    indicates the stress or accent on the syllable or foot of a verse, used in conduction to denote the specific point a visible pattern of beat points that articulates the pulse of the music to the ensemble
  3. Diatonic
    not involving the sharpening of flattening of the notes of the major or minor scale nor the use of such notes as modified by accidentals
  4. Timbre
    the characteristic quality of sound produced by a particular instrument or voice; tone color
  5. D.C.
    repeat from the beginning of the composition
  6. D.S.
    repeat from the sign
  7. expression
    the musical components of artistic performance
  8. texture
    the over all nature of sound indicated by the number of voices and the relationship between those voices
  9. Motif
    a short musical idea or melodic theme, usually shorter than a musical phrase
  10. Coda
    a passage that brings a piece of music to its conclusion;an ending
  11. Al Fine
    to the end, generally used after the repetition
  12. Modulation
    is most commonly the act of changing from one key (tonic,or tonal center) to another. this may or may not be accompanied by a change of key signature
  13. transposition
    is referring to the process, or operation, of moving a collection of notes (pitch or pitch class) up or down in pitch by a constant interval
  14. anacrusis
    the note or sequence of notes which precedes the first downbeat in a bar
  15. balance
    blending your voice (instrumental or vocal) with the group in a way that makes the music more effective to listen to.
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