AP Euro Imperialism

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  1. "New Imperialism"
    During the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. A colonial expansion for European powers, the US and Japanese Empire. Through conquests and exploiting natural resources. It contrasts with the first wave of Imperialism before the revolution period.
  2. White Man's Burden
    A poem by Rudyard Kipling. It rhetorically commands white men to colonize, yet it heads warning to the empire of the costs of imperialism.
  3. Rudyard Kipling
    Wrote the poem,  "White Man's Burden".
  4. Protectorate
    A state that is controlled and protected by another.
  5. Colony
    An area that is politically controlled by another country. Usually a distant one and settlers from that country occupy this land.
  6. Commonwealth
    Independent country or community or a council consisting of many countries. Ex: UN
  7. Social Darwinism
    Theory that people are subjected to the same natural selection as plants. Used to justify many beliefs including imperialism.
  8. Missionary
    A person who travels to another place in hopes to help improve their lives there both physically and spiritually.
  9. Alfred Thayer Mahan
    Wrote the Influence of Sea Power on History. Which changed naval strategies around the world almost causing a naval arms race in the late nineteenth century.
  10. Scramble for Africa
    The imperial race between European powers, Japan and the US to claim territory in Africa. This took place in the "New Imperialism" Age.
  11. "Dark Continent"
    A nickname because this continent is widely unexplored due to the fact that of its smooth coast lines, which meant it was hard to protect boats from the sea.
  12. Cecil Rhodes
    Founder of the De Beer's diamond company. Believed in British colonialism. He founded the South African Territory of Rhodesia.
  13. Suez Canal
    A canal in Egypt that connected the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea. Which allowed easy transport from Europe to Eastern Asia without having to go around Africa.
  14. Berlin Conference
    This conference established rules for avoiding bloodshed in Africa once discovering the value of certain areas.
  15. Apartheid
    To separate. As along racial lines and tribal lines to decrease the political power.
  16. Afrikaan
    A language based on Dutch that is spoken in South Africa.
  17. Boer War
    Wars between the Boers and the British. The Boers wanted to resist the British and changed their way of life to accomplish this.
  18. Zulus
    Bantu ethnic group of South Africa. They are the largest ethnic group in South Africa and they speak Zulu.
  19. Ferdinand de Lesseps
    He designed and proposed the idea of the Suez canal. He was funded by the French to build it in Egypt. They also funded him to try and build the Panama Canal.
  20. Henry Stanley
    Originally sent to find Dr. Livingstone, a missionary and explorer, he ended up doing some exploring himself. He saw value in the Congo area so offered it to Great Britain but the decline so Belgium took the Congo. He was brutal in the way he built up the Congo.
  21. Jules Ferry
    His efforts got France a protectorate in Tunis, occupied Madagascar. He directed the exploration of Niger and Congo.
  22. Fashoda Crisis
    With different approaches to conquering Africa there was cross over. France and Britain overlapped each other in the Sudan and Fashoda region. They quietly chatted and agreed Britain got Sudan and France got Morocco.
  23. Battle of Omdurman
    British general defeated the forces of Mahdi. This was a British effort to reclaim Sudan.
  24. Samory Toure
    Founder of wassoulou empire in West Africa. They defeated the French in their attempt to overtake the empire.
  25. French Algerian War
    A decolonization war, the Algerians gained independence from the French. It was a bloody war with terrorism and guerilla warfare.
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