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  1. Solve  /sɒlv

    Resolve /rɪˈzɒlv/
    • To resolve a problem, argument or difficulty
    • để giải quyết một vấn đề, một cuộc tranh luận, hay một khó khăn - có nghĩa là:
    • deal with it successfully" 

    • They resolved to take action.
    • Họ quyết tâm hành động .

    • Resolve to do something
    • Quyết tâm làmmột việc gì đó.
  2. exacerbate /ɪgˈzæsərˌbeɪt, ɛkˈsæs-/

    to increase the severity, bitterness, or violence of (disease, ill feeling, etc.); aggravate

    làm trầm trọng thêm
  3. breed  /brid/

    to produce
    • birds breed in spring
    • chim sinh sản vào mùa xuâne
    • Knowledg breed confidence
    • dissensions breed among them
    • giữa họ đã nảy ra những mối bất hoà
  4. defeat  /dɪˈfit/

    winning against someone in a fight, competition or game

    • They defeated the enemy. 
    • Shedefeated her brother at tennis.
  5. marks /mɑrk/
    celebrates or remembers
  6. pomp /pɒmp/
    • formal, colourful ceremony
    • vẻ phù hoa, tráng lệ
  7. auspicious /ɔˈspɪʃəs/
    successful, favourable or important
  8. mourn /mɔrn, moʊrn/
    expressing sadness about people who have died
  9. captive /ˈkæptɪv/
    (related to animals) kept in a place like a park or zoo rather than its natural environment
  10. underground racket
    secret and illegal activity that makes money
  11. put a lot of effort into winning
    Some people go to great lengths – or put a lot of effort into winning
  12. tempt  /tɛmpt/

    charm / influence / invite

    • to tempt someone to evil
    • xúi ai làm điều ác

    • to attract, appeal strongly to, or invite: 
    • The offer tempts me.
  13. monitoring
    checking or watching something to find out what happens
  14. hybrid vehicles
    cars, lorries, vans or motorbikes with engines that use two or more kinds of power
  15. noticeable /ˈnoʊtɪsəbəl/
    easy to see
  16. the stakes are high
    there is a lot of risk
  17. noticeable impact
    • tác động đáng kể
    • it's claimed it did have a noticeable impact on improving air quality
    • người ta cho rằng nó đã có tác động đáng kể vào việc cải thiện chất lượng không khí.
  18. liable  /ˈlaɪəbəl/
    • 1. legally responsible:
    • You are liable for the damage caused by your action.
    • to be liable for a bebt
    • 2. subject or susceptible
    • to be liable to heart disease.
    • new difficulties are liable to occur
  19. give up
    you should give up eating in expensive restaurants every week, and all those expensive holidays...
  20. Go the extra mile
    In English, when you tell someone to go the extra mile, you're telling them to make more effort than usual to achieve their objectives.

    If you want to succeed in business, you have to work harder than your competitors. You've got to go the extra mile.

    Mary left university without a diploma. She spent all her time partying with her friends. She didn't go the extra mile and study harder.
  21. Push the boat out
    If you push the boat out it means you spend more money than you normally do, especially for a celebration


    Rob's wedding was amazing; they really pushed the boat out and made it a day to remember.

    As it's our anniversary, let's push the boat out and buy a bottle of champagne!
  22. miss the boa
    If you miss the boat, you miss a good opportunity because you wait too long.


    Sorry John, the deadline for applying for the job has passed. You've missed the boat.
  23. Boats come in all shapes and sizes
    Skiffs are very small boats for one person. Yachts are larger boats with sails. Cruise ships are much bigger and take passengers across the sea or ocean. The biggest cargo ships can carry more than 10,000 containers and weigh thousands of tons.
  24. accurate  /ˈækyərɪt/

    exact / precise
    • an accurate watch
    • đồng hồ chính xá
    • can accurate remark
    • một nhận xét xác đáng
  25. snap  /snæp/
    • to snap at a chance
    • chộp lấy một cơ hội

    Photos of the birth of my children are obviously priceless but so too are some special places where I have snapped an amazing view

    • to snap at someone
    • định cắn ai (chó)
  26. aggregate  /adj., n. ˈægrɪgɪt, -ˌgeɪt; v. ˈægrɪˌgeɪt/
    a sum, mass, or assemblage of particulars, a total or gross amount:

    the aggregate of all pastexperience.

    David Moyes' side won 3-2 on aggregate to join Chelsea in the last eight. How far can they go in the competition?
  27. scarcity  /ˈskɛərsɪti/

    shortage, want, lack, paucity.
    • Frequen scarcity of raw materials
    • sự khan hiếm thường xuyên về nhiêln liệu

    • The scarcity of food forced prices up
    • sự khan hiếm thực phẩm thúc đẩy giá tăng lên
  28. Abundance  /əˈbʌndəns/

    1. copiousness, plenteousness. See plenty. 
    2. generosity.
    • to live in abundance
    • sống dư dật
    • abundance of the heart
    • sự dạt dào tình cảm
  29. entirely  /ɛnˈtaɪərli/

    totally, thoroughly
    I am not entirely satisfied with the architect's design.
  30. afford  /əˈfɔrd/
    • to be able to do, manage,
    • I can't afford to lose a minute
    • tôi không thể để mất một phút nào
    •  He can't afford the loss of a day.
  31. effect  /ɪˈfɛkt/
    • cause and effect
    • nguyên nhân và kết quả
    • of no effect
    • không có hiệu quả
    • with effect from today
    • có hiệu lực kể từ ngày hôm nay
  32. compete  /kəmˈpit/

    competitive  /kəmˈpɛtɪtɪv/
    • to compete with someone in talent
    • đua tài với người nào

    • to compete against other countries in trade
    • cạnh tranh thương mại với các nước khác
  33. in the red
    If you owe money to a bank, you are in the red. Also, if a person or a business is in the red, it means they are losing money.

    Because the airline had to give everyone their money back after the delays, they now say they're operating in the red.

    I've paid off most of my credit card bills - but I'm still in the red.
  34. in the pink
    If someone is in the pink, they are in good health.

    Ruth looks very well - she's certainly in the pink.
  35. owe /oʊ/
    • to be under obligation to pay or repay: 
    • to owe money to the bank;

    • to be in debt to
    • He says he doesn't owe anybody.

    • I owe you for your services
    • tôi chịu ơn anh về những việc anh giúp
  36. the lion's den
    used to describe a dangerous or threatening place or situation
  37. pet
    to stroke gently (an animal or child)
  38. domesticate
    to bring animals or plants under human control in order to provide food, power, or company
  39. passive
    accepting what happens without trying to control or change things

    He says he keeps animals passive by never letting them go hungry.
  40. sedate  /sɪˈdeɪt/



    calm, quiet
    • to put (a person) under sedation.
    • given drugs that make you sleepy or calm
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