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  1. Non-religious for life after death:
    • Near-death experiences
    • Evidence for a spirit world
    • Evidence for reincarnation
  2. Christians for abortion:
    • Liberal protestants
    • 'Love thy neighbour'
    • Life doesn't begin at conception
    • If banned, unjust situations
  3. Christians against abortion:
    • Catholic
    • Right to Life
    • Life belongs to God
    • 'Do not murder'
  4. Muslim for abortion:
    • Shari'ah says life of mother>life of child
    • Not human until 120 days - not murder
  5. Muslim against abortion:
    • Soul given at conception
    • Qu'ran bans it
  6. Christian for euthanasia:
    • 'Love thy neighbour'
    • No longer sure of god's wishes for death - medicine
    • Right to choose when to die
  7. Christian against euthanasia:
    • 'Do not kill'
    • Sancity of life
  8. Muslim for euthanasia:
    Brain dead = already chosen to die
  9. Muslim against euthanasia:
    • Murder wrong in Qu'ran
    • Suicide banned in Qu'ran
    • Sancity of life
    • 'Playing God' is greatest law of SHIRK
  10. Media should not be free to criticise what religions say:
    • Stir up religious hatred - Racial & Religious Act of 2007
    • Cause offence
    • Based on what God says
    • Criticising Pope is blasphamy
  11. Media should be free to criticise religions say:
    • Freedom of Expression is human right
    • Religious leaders use media to criticise government
    • Multi-faith society - freedom of belief & expression
    • Free media allows people to show opinions
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