ch 3.2

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  1. uni/nucle/ar
    having only one nucleus
  2. multi-
    many, much
  3. poly-
    many, much
  4. primi-
  5. quadri-
  6. mono/chromat/ism
    complete color blindness in which all colors are perceived as shades of gray

    • chromat : color
    • -ism: condition
  7. multri/gravida
    woman who has been pregnant more than once.

    -gravida: pregnant woman
  8. quadri/plegia
    paralysis of all four limbs

    -plegia: paralysis
  9. tri-
  10. tri/plegia
    hemiplegia with paralysis of one limb on the other side of the body

    -plegia: paralysis
  11. ab-
    from, away from
  12. ad-
  13. ab/duction
    movement of a limb away from the body
  14. ad/duction
    movement of a limb toward the body

    -duction: act of leading, bringing, conducting.
  15. circum-
  16. peri-
  17. dia-
    through, across
  18. trans-
    through, across
  19. ecto-
    outside, outward
  20. exo-
    outside, outward
  21. extra-
    outside, outward
  22. peri/odont/al
    located around a tooth.

    odont: teeth
  23. trans/vagin/al
    across or through the vagina

    vagin: vagina
  24. ecto/gen/ous
    originating outside the body or structure

    • gen: forming, producing, origin
    • -ous: pertaining to, relating to
  25. exo/tropia
    abnormal turning outward of one or both eyes.

    • exo- outside, outward
    • -tropia: turning
  26. extra/crani/al
    outside the skull

    • extra-outside, outward
    • crani: cranium (skull)
  27. endo-
    in, within
  28. intra-
    in, within
  29. para-*
    near, beside; beyond
  30. super-
    upper, above
  31. supra-
    above; excessive; superior
  32. ultra-
    excess, beyond
  33. endo/crine
    secreting internally

  34. intra/muscul/ar
    within the muscle
  35. para/nas/al
    beside the nose

    nas: nose
  36. super/ior
    toward the head or supper portion of a structure.
  37. supra/pelv/ic
    located above the pelvis

    • supra: above; excessive; superior
    • pelv: pelvis
  38. ultra/son/ic
    pertaining to sound frequencies too high to be perceived by the human ear.

    son: sound
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