Spanish Vocabulary Week 25

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  1. Es agradable que
    It is nice that
  2. Es bueno que
    It is good that
  3. Es curioso que
    It is curious that
  4. Es dudoso que
    It is doubtful that
  5. Es esencial que
    It is essential that
  6. Es estupendo que
    It is great that
  7. Es extraño que
    It is strange that
  8. Es importante que
    It is important that
  9. Es imposible que
    It is impossible that
  10. Es increíble que
    It is incredible that
  11. Es malo que
    It is bad that
  12. Es necesario que
    It is necessary that
  13. Es preciso que
    It is precise that
  14. Es probable que
    It is probable that
  15. Es raro que
    It is rare that
  16. Es recomendable que
    It is recommended that
  17. Es una lástima que (Es lástima que)
    It is a pity that
  18. Es major que
    It is better that
  19. Es posible que
    It is possible that
  20. No es cierto que
    It is not certain that
  21. No es verdard que
    It is not true that
  22. Es urgente que
    It is urgent that
  23. No es hecho que
    It is not a fact that
  24. Parece mentira que
    It seems a lie that
  25. Convience que
    It is convenient that/ It is agreeable that
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