Carpentry 1 - Ladders & Scaffold

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  1. What is the primary hazard when using a ladder?
  2. What 4 factors determine the ladder you choose for a job?
    • 1. Type of project
    • 2. Height
    • 3. Mobility
    • 4. Task
  3. Which step-ladder may be used by 2 workers at the same time?
    Double step-ladder
  4. Can plywood be used as a rung material in the fabrication of a construction ladder?
  5. What is the minimum width and how many rails are required for a two way construction ladder?
    • Minimum: 1 metre
    • 3 rails evenly spaced
  6. Which type of material is best suited for working near electricity or overhead powerlines
  7. An extension ladder should be set a which angle to a wall?
    4 to 1 or 75 degrees
  8. What is the highest safe standing ladder on a step ladder
    Second step from the top
  9. What color should a wood ladder be painted?
    They shouldnt'! Unless it is a clear protective coat -- where you can see any distress in the wood.
  10. List 5 factors to consider when choosing correct scaffold for a job.
    • 1. Task it will be used for
    • 2. Where it will be used/terrain
    • 3. What will happen around it
    • 4. How long
    • 5. What load
  11. What is the most widely used scaffold system?
    Frame scaffold
  12. Which part of the scaffold system must be matched to site conditions?
    The Base.
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