Level G: Vocab Unit 13

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  1. abstruse
    (adj.) extremely difficult to understand
  2. affront
    (n.) an open or intentional insult; a slight; (v.) to insult to one's face; to face in defiance , confront
  3. canard
    (n.) a false rumor, fabricated story
  4. captious
    (adj.) excessively ready to find fault; given to petty criticism; intended to trap, confuse, or show up
  5. cognizant
    (adj.) aware, knowledgeable, informed; having jurisdiction
  6. contrite
    (adj.) regretful for some misdeed or sin; plagued by a sense of guilt
  7. cynosure
    (n.) the center of attraction, attention, or interest; something that serves to guide or direct
  8. decorous
    (adj.) well behaved, dignified, socially proper
  9. deign
    (v.) to think it appropriate or suitable to one's dignity to do something
  10. desiccated
    (adj.) thoroughly dried out; arid and uninteresting
  11. efficacy
    (n.) the power to produce a desired result
  12. engender
    (v.) to bring into existence, give rise to, produce; to come into existence
  13. ethereal
    (adj.) light, airy, delicate; highly refined; suggesting what is heavenly
  14. facade
    (n.) the front of a building; a surface appearance
  15. ghoulish
    (adj.) revolting in an unnatural or morbid way
  16. incongruous
    (adj.) not in keeping, unsuitable, incompatible
  17. machination
    (n.) a crafty, scheming, or underhanded action designed to accomplish some end
  18. mesmerize
    (v.) to hypnotize, entrance; to fascinate, enthrall, bewitch
  19. opprobrium
    (n.) disgrace arising from shameful conduct; contempt, reproach
  20. putative
    (adj.) generally regarded as such; reputed; inferred
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