Vocab 1

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  1. a la carte
    food prepared to order, each dish priced separately
  2. a la mode
    usually refers to ice cream on top of pie
  3. al dente
    firm to the bite, referring to the cooking of pasta and vegetables
  4. amandine
    with almonds added
  5. ambience
  6. amuse
    small, one-bite appetizer item
  7. antipasto
    Italian appetizer which always includes raw vegetables, fish, meat and salami
  8. appetizer
    a savory food item served before a meal to stimulate appetite
  9. arm service
    service of foods and beverages on plates without the use of trays
  10. au beurre
    with butter
  11. au gratin
    with a crust, covered with sauce, usually cheese, sprinkled with crumbs and baked
  12. au jus
    with un-thickened natural juices
  13. au lait
    with milk
  14. bernaise
    in America, a sauce similar to Hallandaise with a tarragon reduction
  15. bechamel
    cream sauce
  16. bisque
    thick, rich cream soup, usually of shellfish
  17. blanc
  18. blintzes
    thin pancakes rolled around a filling of cream cheese, chopped meat or fruit
  19. bordelaise
    sauce of Bordeaux wine, or red wine, bone marrow and mushroom garnish
  20. bouillabaise
    several varieties of fish fixed as a stew
  21. bourguignonne
    with onions and burgundy wine
  22. bouillon
  23. bouquetiere
    with an array of vegetables
  24. braise
    a food, usually meat, browned then cooked in liquid under cover
  25. brioche
    type of yeast roll
  26. brochette
    meat broiled on a skewer
  27. broil
    a method of cooking by exposing food to direct intense heat, from above
  28. buffet
    a display of food from which patrons serve themselves
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