Vocab 2

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  1. bus person
    person who clears tables and performs various other tasks to help wait staff serve the guest
  2. Caesar salad
    green salad with romaine, anchovies, croutons, parmesan cheese, coddled eggs, garlic, olive oil and mustard
  3. cafe
  4. canape
    spicy foods mixture spread on crackers, toast or bread
  5. capuccino
    dark roasted Italian coffee served with steamed frothed milk
  6. carafe
    a glass container without a handle for serving wine or water, 4 to 64 oz
  7. carte du jour
    menu of the day
  8. chafing dish
    a two part container and serving vessel for food, with a head source beneath it; the upper compartment contains food, the lower contains boiling water
  9. champignons
  10. chateaubriand
    whole tenderloin steak
  11. chaud
  12. chowder
    thick soup usually made of clams, oysters or fish with potatoes, bacon or salt pork; New England with milk or cream; Manhattan made with tomatoes
  13. chutney
    a relish, sweet and highly seasoned, made of chopped vegetables and/or fruit
  14. cocktail fork
    a small long-handled fork used for fruit or seafood
  15. cocktail
    refers to an appetizer or an alcoholic drink
  16. compote
    stewed fruit combination
  17. condiment
    aromatic substance, added to food to improve its flavor added at the table to food that has already been prepared
  18. consomme
    a clarified clear soup with garnish
  19. coquille
    scallop shell for baking
  20. couscous
    granular semolina
  21. course
    part of a meal served one at a time
  22. cover
    the table place and table appointments of an individual guest
  23. creole sauce
    a sauce of tomatoes, green peppers and onions, spicy
  24. crepes suzette
    thin, fried pancakes covered with a sauce of liqueur and served flaming
  25. crudite
    food eaten raw, commonly refers to vegetables or fruit
  26. crumb
    to remove or sweep crumbs from a table
  27. cuisine
    • kitchen
    • style of cooking - of a restaurant, region or culture
  28. degustation
    many courses of smaller portions
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