E&I test

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  1. a calibration __ simulates the process variables to be measured by the instrument under test.
  2. the following information can usually be located at the manufacturers instructions accompanying a measuring or indicating instrument.
    ALL/recommended setups/test conditions/adjustment points for zero, span and linearity
  3. after any required adjustments have been made, another ________ should be performed to verify the results of the adjustments.
    calibration cycle
  4. _____ is the algebraic difference between the upper and lower values of an instrument's range.
  5. _______ defines the highest and lowest values of the measured variable that an instrument is designed to measure, recieve, or transmit.
  6. If zero shift and span errors are revealed during a series of calibration cycles, ___ is usually corrected first.
    zero shift
  7. During a downscale check, test points should be approached form?
  8. milliammeters are usually connected in _____with the instrument under test when they are used as output standards.
  9. it is important to allow the ____ value to stabilize before recording the data.
  10. it is unlikely that some ___errors will be discerned in a three-point calibration check.
  11. during an upscale check, test points should be approached from ______.
  12. If the instrument under test is rated for an accuracy of plus or minus 1, the output standard selected for a calibration should ideally have an accuracy of plus or minus ___
  13. to prevent erroneous indications, instrument ____ should be checked to ensure that they are tight and leak free.
  14. information on the recommended setup for a calibration can usually be found in?
    manufacturers instructions
  15. instruments should be calibrated in the following situations?
    ALL/ transferring the instrument to a new control loop/following the repair of the instrument/prior to installation
  16. instrumetns are calibrated to ensure that their ________ accurately represents the input
  17. an instruments repeatability is expressed as?
    percentage of output span
  18. ___ is the ratio of the maximum to minimum values of a measure variable that an instrument can measure within stated accuracy to the minimum value of the measured variable that it can be measured with stated accuracy.
  19. with _______, all of the ouput readings are either consistently high or consistently low throughout the entire range.
    zero shift
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