Chapter 7 Career Selection

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  1. What are the six personality types?
    Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, Conventional.
  2. Realistic?
    Doers/structured work (practical/hands on) construction, mechanic.
  3. Investigative?
    thinkers/analytically challenged (scientists, researchers, computer programmers)
  4. Artistic?
    creators (unstructured, unconventional) chefs.
  5. Social?
    Helpers (empathic, people oriented, verbal) teachers, ministers.
  6. Enterprising?
    express assertiveness (dominators/persuadors) CEOs, lawyers, sales personnel.
  7. Conventional?
    organizers (work under direction, well defined tasks) secretary, bank tellers, accountants
  8. What is reality shock?
    realization that your expectations for a job are different from the reality of the job (typically occurs with younger people)
  9. Vocational interests?
    professional/career personality, personal attitudes (how you feel about your job/career), competencies (skills/talents), work values (wanting to provide for family)
  10. What are the reasons to work?
    • money (finances to survive)
    • prestige (socially agreed upon impression)
    • recognition (receiving award for work completed)
    • sense of worth (personal achievement)
    • ability to meaningfully contribute to society (millennials, born 2000ish)
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