Chapter 7 Career Development

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  1. What is the life span/life space theory?
    the idea that individuals develop careers in stages (starts in infancy and goes till death), career decisions not isolated from other aspects of their lives. Life Space is finding balance between career and prospective life direction/goal or all focus on career.
  2. What are the 6 parts of life space in reference to work role?
    • 1) Idea of school (education needed to attain work role)
    • 2) Work (actual work being done)
    • 3) Home (where you live in relation to work, neighborhood/community, what you can afford)
    • 4) Family (in relation to career)
    • 5) Community (involvement)
    • 6) Leisure (having fun)
  3. What are the 5 stages in career development?
    • 1) Growth (develop realistic work self-concept)
    • 2) Exploration (crystallize career preference)
    • 3) Establishment (stabilize in a job)
    • 4) Maintenance (hold job, update and re-evaluate)
    • 5) Disengagement (decelerate workload, shift energy to other life pursuits)
  4. What is obsolescence?
    Current job skill no longer useful
  5. What is career recycling?
    pursuit of another career, go back to school for re-training.
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