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  1. What are the three "general" types of stains?
    • Fixed: cells are dead and fixed on slide
    • Supravital: stained while living, but not in body
    • Vita: stained while in the organism
  2. Give information about the Wright stain (type? ingredients? Rxn?)
    • Romanowsky type stain (red/blue dye | acid/base)
    • Methylene blue: neg/basic (nucleus / DNA)
    • Eosin Y or Eosin B: pos/acid (cytoplasm, hemoglobin)
    • Methyl alcohol (fixes cells)
    • Phosphate buffer: pH 6.4-6.7 (critical to rxn)
    • Primary rxn: acid-base affinity of cells
  3. Wright Stain example procedure
    • Prepare smear and air dry
    • Fix smear in methyl alcohol
    • Add methylene blue & eosin (3 min)
    • Add phosphate buffer to stain, mix
    • Allow both to remain on smear (5 min)
    • Rinse slide w/ water
    • Air dry
  4. Give information about reticulocyte stain (type? ingredients? rxn? for?)
    • Supravital stain
    • New methylene blue OR brilliant cresyl blue
    • NaCl
    • Primary rxn: dye precipitates RNA forming visible network of reticulum
    • *measure of RBC production
  5. Give information about Fetal hemoglobin stain (alt name? ingredients? rxn? for?)
    • Kleihauer stain
    • Citric acid - phosphate buffer
    • Acid hematoxylin
    • Erythrosin
    • Primary rxn: non-F hgB such as Hgb A are dissolved and eluted from cell.  Hgb F is acid resistant, remains in cell, and stains red
    • Other cells appear as "ghost cells"
    • *acid elution test for Hgb F
  6. Give information about Iron Stain (alt name? ingredients? rxn?)
    • Prussian blue reaction
    • 2% potassium ferrocyanide
    • 2% HCl
    • Primary rxn: fe3+ + potassium ferrocyanide = ferric ferrocyanide
    • Shows a blue-green iron precipiate
  7. Give information about Heinz Body stain (type? ingredients? rxn?)
    • Supravital stain
    • Crystal violet OR methyl violet soln
    • Primary rxn: staining of denatures and precipitated hgb
    • *not visible w/ wright stain
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