Chapter 15 Key Terms

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  1. public mental hospitals in the united states, run by the individual state
    state hospitals
  2. a humanistic approach to institutional treatment based on the belief that institutions can help patients recover by creating a climate that promotes self respect, responsible behavior, and meaningful activity
    milieu therapy
  3. a behavioral program in which a person's desirable behaviors are reinforced systematically throughout the day by the awarding of tokens that can be exchanged for goods or privileges
    token economy program
  4. drugs that help correct grossly confused or distorted thinking
    antipsychotic drugs
  5. conventional antipsychotic drugs, so called because they often produce undesired effects similar to the symptoms of neurological disorders
    neuroleptic drugs
  6. unwanted movements, such as severe shaking, bizarre-looking grimaces, twisting of the body, and extreme restlessness, sometimes produced by conventional antipsychotic drugs
    extrapyramidal effects
  7. extrapyramidal effects that appear in some patients after they have taken conventional antipsychotic drugs for an extended time
    tardive dyskinesia
  8. a life-threatening reduction in white blood cells. this condition is sometimes produced by the atypical anti psychotic drug clozapine
  9. the discharge of large numbers of patients from long term institutional care so that they might be treated in community programs
  10. a treatment facility that provides medication, psychotherapy, and emergency care for psychological problems and coordinates treatments in the community
    community mental health center
  11. a program of posthospitalization care and treatment in the community
  12. a program that offers hospital like treatment during the day only. also known as day hospital
    day center
  13. a residence for people with schizophrenia or other severe problems, often staffed by paraprofessionals. also known as a group home or crisis home
    halfway home
  14. a supervised work place for people who are not yet ready for competitive jobs
    sheltered workshop
  15. a community therapist who offers a full range of services for people with schizophrenia or other severe disorders including therapy, advice, medication, guidance, and protection of patients rights
    case manager
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