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  1. Blood Cultures
    FUO - fever of unknown origin

    goes to - Microbiology
  2. Blue Top
    contains - Sodium Nitrate

    forĀ - PT, PTT, PFA, FDP

    goes to - Coagulation
  3. Red Top
    contains - no additives

    for - medication levels, special chemistry

    goes to - chemistry
  4. SST Tubes (Gold or Tiger top)
    contains - serum separator, gel separator

    for - chemistry panel, electrolytes, glucose, renal/lipid panel, hepatitis, HIV

    goes to - Chemistry, Immunology
  5. Green Top
    contains - sodium/lithium heparin

    forĀ - ammonia, glucose, other chemistry

    goes to - Chemistry
  6. Lavender Top
    contains - EDTA

    for - CBC, H&H, SED RATE, Reticulocyte

    goes to - Hematology
  7. Lavender/Pink Top
    contains - EDTA

    for - type and cross match

    goes to - Blood bank, Immunohematology
  8. Grey Top
    contains - Sodium Fluoride, Potassium Oxalate

    for - glucose, GTT, Lactic Acid, ETOH

    goes to - Chemistry
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