Clinical Concepts and Patient Care Board Study

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  1. Is mycosis fungoides curable or not and which type of cancer is it assoc with?
    no, it is incurable and it is associated with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
  2. If a pt is given a radiosensitizing chemotherapy drug, when should external beam be given?
    at or near the same time
  3. What is the most common GYN cancer?
    endometrium or uterine cancer
  4. List the order of the prostate to the bladder
    • apex of the prostate
    • base of the prostate
    • seminal vesicles
    • bladder
  5. What is the most common presentation for esophageal cancer?
    • dysphagia
    • NOT esophagitis
  6. The most common mode of tumor spread from anal cancer is
    regional lymph nodes
  7. As you increase the fraction dose, the probability of late side effects
  8. The bladder is ___ and slightly ____ to the prostate
    • superior
    • anterior
  9. Which area of the prostate sits closest to the bladder
    Base of the prostate
  10. Serial structures will be damaged if 1 of its sub volumes is damaged. List a few serial structures
    • spinal cord
    • brain stem
    • optic structures
    • temporal lobes
    • mandible
    • middle ear
  11. Parallel structures will lose its functionality only if all sub volumes of the organ are damaged. List a few
    • parotid glands
    • liver
    • heart brain
    • neck
    • skin oral cavity
    • lung
    • kidney
  12. For an adult, give correct order for CPR
    • Compressions
    • Airway check
    • Breath giving
    • CAB
  13. Name the 5 stages of grief in order and who developed the model
    • 1.shock and denial
    • 2. anger
    • 3. bargaining
    • 4. depression
    • 5. acceptance
    • Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  14. Decrease in RBC is called
  15. Decrease in WBC is called
  16. Abnormality of blood coagulation is called
  17. Rare bleeding disorder where you may bleed for a longer than normal time because of low clotting factor is called
  18. Lymphomas originate in the
    lymph-reticular tissue
  19. Carcinomas originate in the ____ tissue
  20. Subacute post radiation syndrome following CNS radiation is called
  21. Leukemia has a strong link to
    previous radiation
  22. What is an increase in cell # called
  23. Where do the adrenal glands sit
  24. FAB stages which cancers
    • Acute Leukemia
    • ALL and AML
  25. What separates the the lobes of the thyroid
  26. Pharyngeal tonsils are located ___ and also called ____
    • nasopharynx
    • adenoids
  27. What 3 things can reduce the risk of breast cancer
    • regular exercise
    • breast feeding
    • having kids 18-35
  28. What 4 things can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer
    • BC pills
    • pregnancy
    • hysterectomy
    • tubal litigation
  29. What do we treat early pre cancers of the cervix with
    Loop electrosurgical excision
  30. Cellular radiosensitivity is ___proportional to the rate of cell division and _____ proportional to the degree of cell differentiation
    • directly
    • inversely
  31. What is a common place for Ewings Sarcoma
  32. TBI in young patients can later develop
  33. What drug reduces breast cancer but increases endometrial cancer?
  34. Biological effects on patients undergoing an MRI shows a ____,_____ dose response relationship
    non linear, threshold
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