Vocab 5

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  1. oscar
    preparation characterized by asparagus, crabmeat and choron sauce
  2. omelet
    beaten egg mixture, cooked and filled with foods such as cheese or meat
  3. open stock
    available for a long time (refers to serviceware)
  4. orzo
    tiny, rice-shaped pasta
  5. panache
    mixed vegetables
  6. par stock
    the number of items thought to be suitable inventory for normal business
  7. pate
    meat pie or meat paste
  8. patisserie
  9. paupiette
    slices of fish or meat rolled up with forcemeat
  10. petits fours
    small fancy cakes
  11. poached
    cooked slowly, just covered in liquid
  12. poisson
  13. pomme
  14. pomme de terre
    potato (apples of the earth)
  15. potage
  16. poulet
  17. printanier
    early spring vegetables, 1/4 inch dice
  18. proscuitto
    Italian ham especially processed, very salty, often with melon
  19. provencal, a la
    describes preparation characterized by tomato and garlic mixture
  20. puree
    preparation obtained by mashing or sieving certain foods
  21. quiche
    tart or piecrust filled with egg yolks, cream and cheese then baked
  22. rachaud
    small stove used in French style service
  23. ragout
    thick, tasty stew
  24. roast
    • originally - to cook on a spit
    • now - the same as baking when applied to meat
  25. Roquefort cheese
    semi-hard, white cheese speckled with mold and made only in Roquefort, France
  26. roux
    thickening agent made from flour and fat, cooked slowly for a long time
  27. runner
    a member of the dining room staff who shuttles between the kitchen and the floor or the kitchen and a buffet carrying food items
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