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  1. What are the three field sobriety tests?
    • Eye test (horizontal nystygmous)
    • Walk and turn
    • One leg stand
  2. What five categories do the effects of drinking fall into?
    • Intellectual
    • Emotional
    • Motor Functions
    • Semi-voluntary functions
    • Vital functions
  3. What does sleep deprivation do to the effects of alcohol?
    Intensifies it
  4. What are 4 things that treat hangovers?
    • Rest 
    • Water
    • Painkillers
    • Bland Food
  5. What is the characteristic a buzz as you drink more?
    Diminishing returns
  6. What do tolerance, impaired control, desire to stop drinking, and blackouts signify?
  7. What is the climate like in Spain?
    Hot days, cool nights
  8. What is the oldest wine region?
  9. What blend is used to make Rioja?
    Tempranillio, Garnacha, and others
  10. What is a bodega?
    A Spanish winery
  11. What kind of wine is made in Priorato?
    Powerful, expensive reds.
  12. What are the appelations of Spain?
    • DOCa
    • DO
    • Tierra
    • Mesa
  13. What country is Ribera del Duero?
  14. What is the most important Spanish white wine?
  15. What grape is Sherry made from?
  16. What are the two main types of Sherry?
    Lighter Fino and heavier Oloroso
  17. What is flor?
    The layer of yeast on fino Sherry.
  18. Why is Australia focused on technology?
    Lots of land and a low labor supply.
  19. What is Australia's signature variety?
  20. What is Australia known for?
    Lots of varieties, low prices
  21. What are two important Australian wine regions?
    • McLaren Vale
    • Coonawara
  22. What percentage does an Australian varietal label require?
  23. What is the Australian appellation?
  24. What wine is New Zealand most known for?
    Sauvignon Blanc
  25. What wine from where smells of gooseberry and cat pee?
    Savignon Blanc from New Zealand
  26. What is the top New Zealand red variety?
    Pinot Noir
  27. What is the most famous New Zealand wine region?
  28. When did the quality of South African wine increase?
    After apartheid.
  29. What is the South African climate like?
    Hot and dry
  30. Is South Africa more focused on reds or whites?
  31. What is the most famous South African wine region?
  32. What percentage of a South African wine must be the variety on the label?
  33. Are South American wines generally white or red?
  34. What is the signature variety of Chile?
  35. What is the most important Chilean wine region?
  36. What is the appellation in Chile?
  37. Has there ever been phylloxera in Chile?
  38. What is the requirement for a varietal label in Chile?
  39. What is the requirement for an appellation in Chile?
  40. What is the most important Argentinian region?
  41. What is the most important Argentinian Red?
  42. What is the most important Argentinian White?
  43. Does Argentina have phylloxera?
    Only a little
  44. What percentage of a variety must an Argentinian wine have for a varietal label?
  45. What percentage of a region must an Argentinian wine have for a regional label?
    None, it's unregulated.
  46. What is the climate like in Oregon?
    Cool and wet
  47. What is the major difference between Oregon and Washington climate?
    Which side of the Cascade mountains it is on.
  48. What is Oregon's signature variety?
    Pinot Noir
  49. Who is an important name in Oregon wines?
    David Lett
  50. What are the three Oregon regions?
    • Willamette
    • Umpqua
    • Rogue River
  51. What percentage is required for an Oregon AVA?
  52. What is Oregon's most popular white?
    Pinot Gris
  53. What is Washington's climate like?
    Dry, hot days, cool nights
  54. What is the signature red in Washington?
  55. What is the signature white in Washington?
  56. Who is a person important to Washington wines?
    Allen Shoup
  57. Name two Washington wine regions
    • Columbia Valley
    • Walla Walla
  58. When did Vinifera come to Washington?
    In the 1960s.
  59. What are the two subregions of the Cote D'Or?
    • Cote de Beaune in the south
    • Cote de Nuit in the north
  60. What is the term for chateau or estate with Burgundy wines?
  61. What are the four Burgundy districts?
    • Chablis
    • Macon
    • Cote D'Or
    • Beaujolais
  62. What are the important Cote D'Or wines?
    Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
  63. What wine is Cote de Nuit famous for?
    Pinot Noir
  64. What wine is Cote de Beaune famous for?
  65. What grape is Beaujolais wine made out of?
  66. What color are Chablis wines?
  67. What are the four ranks of Burgundy wines?
    • Premier Cru
    • Grand Cru
    • Villlage
    • AOC
  68. How did Chateauneuf-de-Pape get its name?
    From the Avignon papacy.
  69. What is a notable area of the Rhone?
  70. What is the Cotes du Rhone appellation known for?
  71. What distinguishes sparkling wines?
    They have bubbles
  72. What percentage of the wine market is made up of sparkling wines?
  73. What does "brut" mean, and what wine is it used for?
    Dry, champagne
  74. When are vintage champagnes made?
    Only in good years
  75. What are the three types of village in the Champagne region?
    • Grand cru
    • Premier cru
    • Village
  76. What is blanc de blanc?
    Champagne made only from white grapes
  77. What is blanc de noir?
    Champagne made only from red grapes
  78. What is the largest champagne producer?
    Moet & Chandon
  79. How can you tell champagne is grower produced?
    It says "RM"
  80. What is the Charmant method?
    The tank method of making sparkling wine
  81. What is the transfer method?
    Fermenting wine in a bottle and transferring it to another.
  82. What is German sparkling wine called?
  83. Should the bubbles in champagne be large or small?
  84. What does spumante mean?
    Italian for sparkling wine
  85. What is cremant?
    Non-champagne French sparkling wine
  86. What is prosecco?
    Italian sparkling wine made with Glerra grapes from Veneto
  87. What is cava?
    Spanish sparkling wine.
  88. What is the difference between port and sherry?
    Port is fortified during fermentation and tastes sweet, sherry is fortified after fermentation and tastes dry.
  89. What is the name of the blending system for Sherry?
  90. What special process is used with Madiera?
    Carmelization by heating
  91. What is the most important red grape in Portugal?
    Touriga Nacional
  92. What is the most important Spanish region?
  93. What is the signature grape of South Africa?
    Chenin Blanc
  94. Who is a significant person to Argentina wines?
    Nicholas Catena
  95. What 3 grapes are used to make Champagne?
    • Chardonnay
    • Pinot Noir
    • Pinot Meunier
  96. What is cuvee?
    The first pressing of grapes, champagne made from this.
  97. What is dosage in Champagne?
    Added wine and sugar.
  98. What is Asti?
    An Italian sparkling wine from Piedmont made with Moscato grapes.
  99. Name two kinds of port
    • Ruby
    • Tawny
  100. Where does cork come from?
  101. Who is a significant name in modern Portugese wine?
    Bruno Prats
  102. Name three wine regions in Portugal
    • Douro
    • Vinho Verde
    • Oporto
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