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  1. West Side Story
    • Music - Leonard Bernstein
    • Lyrics - Stephen Sondheim 
    • Book - Arthur Laurents
    • Choreo/Director - Jerome Robbins
    • Updated musical version of Romeo and Juliet
    • Opened Sept. 26, 1957
  2. Leonard Bernstein
    • Conductor of NY Philharmonic
    • Melody and Rhythm
    • Technical mastery
    • Leitmotifs
    • Symphonic
    • Wrote music for West Side Story
  3. Jerome Robbins
    • Jewish-American, originally Jerome Wilson Rabiowitz
    • Ballet, Modern, Spanish, Folk Dance
    • American Ballet Theatre and Broadway
    • Electric dance styles into a unified whole
    • Strong use of ballet
    • Choreo and Director of West Side Story
  4. Betty Comden and Adolph Green
    • Lyricist/Librettists
    • Wrote many musicals about New York and about show business
    • Green dropped out of college - worked as a runner on Wall Street to fiance his dream of being an actor
    • Comden graduated with degree in drama from NYC
    • Brought in to fix "Peter Pan"
  5. Frank Loesser
    • Composer, Lyricist, Librettist, Producer, Publisher
    • Started as lyricist
    • Self-taught pianist and started composing for his lyrics
    • Wrote for Hollywood before Broadway
    • Started his own publishing company to have more control of his music
    • Did Music/Lyricist for "Guys and Dolls"
  6. Guys and Dolls
    • Frank Loesser - Music & Lyricist
    • Abe Burrows - Book
    • Based on the books of Damon Runyon
    • Opened Nov.24th 1950
  7. Jule Styne
    • Worked on Broadway and in Hollywood
    • Contributed to American Songbook
    • By the time he died, published 1500 songs
    • Known for providing stars with "Signature songs"
    • Did music for "Gypsy"
  8. Funny Girl
    • Told the story of Funny Bruce
    • Songs are incredibly difficult to sing
    • Made a star of Barbara Stresiand
    • Opened in March 26,1964
  9. Gypsy
    • Jule Styne - Music
    • Stephen Sondheim - Lyrics
    • Arthur Laurents - Book
    • Opened May 21, 1959
    • Starred Ethel Merman as Mama Rose
    • Features one of the most famous 11'oclock numbers "Rose's Turn"
  10. Star Vehicle
    A show written to showcase a particular star
  11. The "I am/I want" song
    Lets the audience into the head of the character
  12. The Opener/Grabber
    Used to capture the audience's attention
  13. Intermission Teaser
    Used to keep the audience wanting more - get them back for act 2
  14. 11'o clock number
    Like the intermission teaser in power comes at the climax of the show
  15. Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick
    • Harnick - Born in Chicago, served in WWII, and moves to NYC to pursue a Broadway career
    • Bock - Grew up in Flushing, NY
    • First musical hit (Bock's): "Mr.Wonderful" (1956) star vehicle for Sammy David Jr.
    • First hit: "Fiorello!" (1959) about NY Mayor Laguardia
    • Collaborated with George Abbott (Book) and producers Robert Griffith and Harold Prince (West Side story)
    • Did Music and Lyrics for "Fiddler on the Roof"
  16. Jewish Musical
    • Jewish songwriting teams composing for Broadway for a long time
    • "10 Commandments" - Movie 1956 - Huge Hit
    • No Jewish themed musicals until 1961 - "Milk and Honey"
  17. Fiddler on the Roof
    • Bock and Harnick - Music and Lyrics
    • Joseph Stein - Book
    • Based on "Tevye and his Daughter's" by Shalom Aiechem
    • Set in Czarists Russia in early 1900s - second wave of pogroms
    • Opened Sept. 22, 1964 - Ran for 3,242 performances
  18. Jerry Herman
    • Known for beautiful, hummable show times
    • The "Bombastic Ballad"
    • Did Music and Lyrics for "Hello Dolly" (1964)
  19. Hello Dolly
    • Jerry Herman - Music and Lyrics
    • Michael Stewart - Book
    • David Merrick - Producer
    • Based on Thornton Wilder's "The Matchmaker"
  20. End of the Golden Age Era
    • Huge Culture shift in the 60s
    • 1964 - watershed year for musical
    • "Fiddler on the roof" is the last show of the Golden Age
    • Late 60s and 70s were an era of experimentation
  21. Black Musical
    • Jazz, funk, rigor, rap, Motown music
    • Tells a story about race in America
    • The First - "Golden Boy" - Sammy Davis Jr. 1964
    • "The Wiz" - 1975
    • Juke Box Musical - Became popular in 70s and 80s
  22. Hair
    • Pretty much American, Tribal, Rock musical
    • Had a myth of that it was just bunch of hippies with no training and that show arose from the streets
    • James Rado and Gerome Ragni - Creators
    • Directed by Gerald Freeman
    • Opened Oct. 167
    • Tom O'Horgan directed as well after 8 weeks
  23. James Rado and Gerome Ragni
    • Created Hair
    • Met in an Off-Broadway production of a British Musical called "Hang Down Your Hair and Die"
    • Spent a lot of time in Greenwich Village
    • 1965 - Started Compelling material that would become "Hair"
  24. Viet Rock
    • A show about young men sent to Vietnam to Die
    • Written Megan Terry
    • Produced at Cafe La Mama - An experimental theatre venue
  25. Joseph Papp and Public Theatre
    • Sept. 1966 Ragni meets Papp on a train and shows him script
    • Papp decides to produce Hair
  26. Galt McDermot
    • Rado and Ragni met him through a mutual friend
    • Wasn't a Broadway composer, but wanted to write a musical
  27. The Rock Musical
    • Hair was the not the first attempt, but it was the first to find success
    • Several of its songs went on to be successful in the pop charts including "Aquaris" and "Let the Sun Shine In"
  28. Tom O'Horgan
    • Experimental Director
    • Critically acclaimed for his work Off-Broadway
    • Saw "Hair" as an opportunity to capture the zeitgesit on stage
  29. Tet Offensive Jan 31st 1968
    • 70,000 North Vietnamese and Viet Cong launch an offensive while the American Public watches on TV
    • American Embassy in Saigon was in enemy hands for a day 
    • Pres. Johnson's claim that the V.C. were on the run was exposed as a lie
  30. Hair the Film
    • Released in 1979
    • Directed by Milos Forman
    • Rado and Ragni were not happy with the final film
  31. John Kander and Fred Ebb
    • Known for their groundbreaking concept musicals in 60s and 70s
    • Won numerous Tony, Emmy, and Grammy awards
    • Best known works "Cabaret (1966)", "Zorba (1968)", "Chicago (1975)", "Kiss of the Spiderwoman (1993)"
    • Did Music and Lyrics for Chicago
  32. Cabaret - 1966
    • Based on "Berlin Stories" by Christopher Isherwood, and "I am a Camera" John Van Druten's play adaptation of Isherwood's book
    • Joe Masteroff - Book
    • Hal Prince - Director
    • the Emcee - Joel Gray
    • 1972 film was directed by Bob Fosse
  33. Concept of Cabaret
    • Broadway the American Musical Clip
    • Two worlds of the play
    • The numbers comment on the action happening in the real world
    • Not a fully realized concept musical the way "Hair" was
    • Connection between WWII and Civil Rights Movement
  34. Bob Fosse
    • Performer, Choreographer, and Director
    • Distinctive and recognizable style
    • Worked in Hollywood, and on Broadway
    • Broadway the American Musical Clip
    • Won an Emmy, a Tony, and an Oscar for directing
  35. Chicago
    • Kander and Ebb - Music and Lyrics
    • Based on 1926 play of the same name
    • Scathing commentary on the cult of celebrity and the American Justice System
    • All of the musical numbers in the show are vaudeville routines
    • Used Brechtian Alienation techniques
    • Musical is essentially comparing the American legal system to show business
  36. Chicago - Film 2002
    • Won an Oscar for best picture
    • Started a trend of successful stage shows once again being turned into films
    • Takes place inside Roxie's Head - Shows her innermost desires
  37. Michael Bennet
    • Dancer, Director, Choreographer, Producer, Librettist
    • Created "A Chorus Line"
    • First big job was in the European tour of WSS
    • Cinematic style of direction
    • Melding contemporary dance steps/styles with more classical dance styles
  38. AIDs and Broadway
    • Bennet died at 44 of Aids related Lymphoma in 1987
    • Broadway lost a lot of people to AIDs
    • Broadway cares equity fights AIDs
  39. A Chorus Line
    • Marvin Hamblish - Music
    • Edwrd Kleban - Lyrics
    • James Kirkwood & Nicholas Dante - Book
    • Michael Bennet - Director/Choreo
    • Opened May 21, 1975
  40. Masculinity
    • Aggression
    • Physical strength and prowess
    • Serving as the "Bread winner"
    • Facial and body hair
    • Enjoyment of sports
    • Oppression of women
  41. Masculinity and Dance for Men
    • Acrobatics
    • Split jumps
    • Focus on Woman Partner, provide support
    • Gaze on Woman or Audience
    • Center: Core/abdomen
    • Stoicism
    • Bold Spatiality
    • Sexuality
  42. Women
    • Adverted Gaze
    • Vertically and High Arabesques
    • Quick jumps
    • Supple spine
    • Fluid arms
    • Display of Emotion
    • Center: Chest
  43. The Full Monty
    • Jerry Mitchell - Choreographer
    • A lot of male dancers are stripping on stage
  44. Billy Eliot (Musical)
    • Choreographer - Peter Darling
    • Main theme: Moving (have command of space), anger, aggression
  45. Spring Awakening
    • Bill T. Jones - Choreographer
    • Sexuality, young teenage exploring it
  46. American Idiot
    • Steven Hoggett - Choreographer
    • Based on Green Day's song
    • Angry and aggression
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