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  1. Lung cancer is # 1 cancer in
    both men and women
  2. Which lung cancer is high for brain mets
    Small cell or oat cell
  3. What is the treatment of choice for lung cancer
    • surgery
    • but chemo for small cell
  4. What is the prophylactic brain radiation if small cell
    35-40 Gy
  5. What is the TD 5/5 for whole lung, 2/3 lung and 1/3 lung
    • 1700 cGy
    • 3000 cGy for 2/3
    • 4500 cGy for 1/3
  6. Which lung cancer is most common in non smokers
  7. Which lung has 3 lobes
  8. What is the threshold for radiation pnuemonitis
    20-25 GY
  9. What level is the carina at
  10. Air and food share space until they reach the
  11. Why is the right lobe of the lung higher
    because of the liver
  12. Viscera pleural coats the ____ and the parietal pleural covers the
    • lung
    • whole chest cavity
  13. At dx of lung cancer ____ of patients have positive nodes
  14. Average onset for lung cancer is age
  15. what are some risk factors for lung cancer
    • smoking #1
    • exposure to combustion products
    • asbestos
    • pollution
    • chemicals
    • metals
    • radiation
  16. What are side effects for treating lung cancer
    • esophagitis #1
    • pulmonary fibrosis
    • radiation pneumonitis
    • dematitis
    • erythema
    • sore throat
    • spinal cord damage
    • decreased blood counts
  17. What are some clinical presentations of lung cancer
    • persisten unproductive cough #1
    • hoarseness
    • coughing up blood
    • weight loss
    • dyspnea
    • unresolved pneumonitis
    • chest wall pain
    • swelling in neck and weakness in arm
    • atelectasis -collapsed lung
    • pleural effusion (when u have fluid between layers or even in the lungs)
  18. What is the most aggressive lung cancer
    small cell/oat cell
  19. where does lung cancer met to
    • brain #1
    • liver
    • bone
  20. Upper lobe lung tumors/apex tumors are also called
    • Pancoast tumors
    • Characterized by shoulder pain which radiates down the arm, atrophy of the hand muscles, horner's syndrome (eye issues) and bone erosion
    • If you hear Horner's automatically think of pancoast tumor because horner's is a disorder of the nervous system caused by the pancoast tumors (drooping of the eyes, recession of the eyes)
  21. Lung cancer doses for
    NSC and SC
    • Non small cell 6000-7500
    • Small cell- 4500-6000 (more radiosensitive)
  22. What is SVC syndrome and how to treat
    Superior vena cava syndrome is where a lung tumor compresses the SVC which blocks of O2 to the brain. We have to treat emergently with about 3-+4 fractions at first of 300-400 cGy instead of 200
  23. Which chemo drug is used with lung cancer
  24. Which nodes are most important with lung cancer
  25. Where does gas exchange occur within the lungs
    • alveoli
    • O2 and Co2 exchange takes place in the alveoli
  26. What is the difference between pneumothorax and atelectasis
    pneumothorax is if the thoracic wall is punctured, atmospheric air can enter the pleural cavity and create a real space between the lung and the chest wall causing atelectasis (lung collapse)
  27. What is the most common type of lung cancer
    Non small cell lung cancer/Adenocarcinoma
  28. What are the 3 types of NSCLC
    • Adenocarcinoma #1
    • Squamous Cell
    • large cell
  29. Which NSCLC is assoc with smoking
    Squamous cell
  30. The lung is covered by a thin sheet of protective tissue called
    visceral pleura that lines the outside of the organ
  31. Lung cancer # 1 histopathology is
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