Chapter 25

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  1. Drowning
    An incident in which someone is submerged or immersed in a liquid that results in a primary respiratory impairment
  2. Surfactant
    A substance that maintains surface tension in the alveoli to keep them from collapsing
  3. Mammalian Diving Reflex
    The body's natural response to submersion in cold water in which breathing is inhibited, the heart rate decreases, and blood vessels constrict in order to maintain cerebral and cardiac flow
  4. Four Categories for Drowning Patient
    • Asymptomatic
    • Symptomatic
    • Cardiac Arrest
    • Obviously Dead
  5. Gastric Distention
    Condition in which the stomach fills with water, enlarging the abdomen to the point that it interferes with the ability to inflate the lungs
  6. Dysbarism
    Medical condition that results from the effects on the body of changes in ambient pressure
  7. Decompressed Sickness
    Occurs as the result of the bubbles formed from the expansion of nitrogen in the blood and tissues
  8. Arterial Gas Embolism
    A blocking of blood vessels by an air bubble or clusters of air bubbles
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Submersion Incidents: Drowning and Diving Emergencies
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